Monday, June 28, 2010

Argentina - Santa Elena Letter #21

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 9:14 AM
To: Bonnie Gibbons
Subject: Hope helps you conquer discouragement

Wow so guess what! I have a new companion! She is awesome! Hermana Garcia is from Paraguay and just hit her 9 month mark in the misión! She is the sweetest thing ever! Seriously, just loves everyone no matter what! I am still in Santa Elena and so i´m kind of the leader! It´s so wierd because i am so used to just following Hna. Redfern everywhere, i never had to think about what we were going to do next, expecially if one of our citas fell through! It is definitely a learning experience and something i need to do. We are companions which implies we work together, not just tag along with one another.
So I have begun an English Fast, there is no point to talk in english since no one understands me and i know that it will help my spanish skills a ton! I am pretty excited about it and amazed at how much i have learned! I know this is only because i am trusting in my savior, cause really without him, I am nothing!
We are still working with the Familia Bazón, Maria and Roberto and their 3 kids! Maria and her daughter Romina came to church Sunday and absolutely loved it!! And just last night a miracle happened. Roberto Works in Rosario, so he is only here for the weekends and really has only recieved one lesson and some random visits from us. But he told us last night when he prayed, he recieved a feeling so strong that he Could not deny that th eBook of Mormón IS the Word of God, that it is true! They both accepted a baptisimal date for 24 of July! Oh this family is so Amazing!
I feel so truely blessed to be here and to feel so much love for these people! I didn´t know that I would want something so badly for someone else. We have another investigador, Rocio and her mom, Carolina, they both want to get baptized, but thier dad/husband refuses to allow them to do it. Please pray that his heart will be softened and he will understand the importance of this covenant. They were both crying because they know they need this in their lives. They said they are going to try to show him with their actions, praying, reading the scriptures, and going to church. My heart hurts for them and i know the only source of comfort is through pray.
I know that your prayers are heard and that you can relieve comfort from them! I love this work and i’m trying to Humble myself so that the spirit can work through me. I pray for your well being, physically and spiritually! I love you all.
Love Hermana Gibbons

Tanner: I just read that Autum got baptzed! Oh my goodness, what a blessing!! I hope the rest of your family is doing well! Tell Chelle that she is amazing! Miss you tons! I love you!

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