Saturday, June 19, 2010

Argentina - Santa Elena Letter #19

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2010 9:50 AM
To: Bonnie Gibbons; Vince Gibbons
Subject: more goodies!

Hey all of you back home!!
So this has been a week of highs and way lows! My poor comp. Had a really bad day. We have been traveling a lot the past 3 weeks, zone conferences and tarde del milagros (we go to another area and work there so they can encounter a ton of new peple). We have slept on the floors, in buses and woken up way early and gone to bed way late. We’re a little off and also it makes it hard to get some good work done in our area. Anyways, after all this we forgot to set the alarm and woke up at 8:45 and for all you RM’s out there, thats pretty late! So we started out frantic, got our Studies done, but Hermana Redfern was not Feeling it. She said it was the first time in a long time that she has really just wanted to be home. In was pouring outside, the World cup game (ARG vs. NIG) was going on so the streets were even more deserted, and everything just kept falling through. Needless to say, it was a rough day! BUT we went and did! We worked when all we wanted was to be in homes with our friends and family! Because of this we saw miracles.
Our branch is still trying to learn how to be more unified, and we had a really fun activity! WE played the game signs, which is like one of my favorites to play! And they loved it and just had so much fun together. Also one of our investigators, Maria, told us that she was talking with her husband, and they love when we come. They feel good and know that we are here to help them. The next day she told us she prayed and read and knows that what we are teaching is true!!! Seriously, what a wonderful thing it is to hear when someone does their homework and has a testimony that these things are true!! Also, her husband let me help to uproot their tree! Ha it was a sight to see, me in a skirt with a shovel and an ax! Ha it was so much fun!! I love doing work like that and it was Amazing he let me help, men usually won’t let women here do work like that! Ha I loved it and so did their family! They got some Pictures of it, so i’ll try to send those next time!
MOSIAH 24:11-17 Remember to always pray even if you feel you are in a place that you can’t. If you let it, the spirit can always be with you. These people were told they would be put in prison if they prayed, so they prayed in their hearts because they knew it was that important. Also remember the Lord loves us, so he gives us trials. They help us grow and become more like him. Sometimes they feel like they last forever, but with god he wil ease our burdens, so we cannot feel them, strengthen, and so many other things. We’ll still have trials, but we can be happy through them! In verse 17, these people are freed. We must endure to the end, because the end is so important!
I love you all and I love this work! Please pray for the missionaries in the World! We need them, they give us strength and soften the hearts of our brethren!
Keep the faith!
Love Hermana Gibbons

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Aunt Stacie, Jordan, and Allison!!! I love you all so much and wish you Could hear me sing in my oh so high pitched voice singing happy birthday to you!! I hope they were the best days ever!

Uncle Marc: I’m not supposed to email anyone but my parents, sisters, and grandparents, but i really would like to keep in touch. So i’m asking my president for and exception. I hope you are doing well!! Te amo mucho y Argentina es el mejor! No puedo esperar a compartir todas nuestras historias juntos!!!

Linda Wilder: I would love to have you put together a scrapbook! I’ll be sending all my Pictures to my mom soon! So maybe you two can talk and get those all together! Yo are so sweet and i hope you are still Reading the book of mormon! I promise it is what you have been missing. It will make your life even better! Love you!

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