Monday, June 7, 2010

MTC Letter #9

From: Amanda Gibbons Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 6:39 AM To: Bonnie Gibbons Subject: Farewell MTC Hola!!! Ok i got my flight plans, I ship out Monday morning and after about 30-35 hours of travel i will arrive at my final destination! ARGENTINA!! Oh man i can't wait! Have i really been gone for 2 months?? I Love it here and I have learned so much! I love searching my scriptures everyday and just loving them more and more. My scriptures have never looked so loved before! Remember that they are the instrument the Lord gave us to help us with our daily lives! ELDER Q. L. COOK spoke to us last Tuesday! I felt soo blessed to have an apostle of the Lord in the same room as me. Not only that, I was blessed to be able to sit in the front row...i know some people I love that he said "live for the Holy Ghost!" Everyday live your life in a way that the Holy Ghost can always be with you! Be your constant companion! COOK told us that after questioning tons of different people, the thing that they remembered most from the lessons with the missionaries is the history of Joseph Smith, our prophet and the plan of salvation! What beautiful things the Lord gives us in order to make our lives better. He said, he believes that most people remember because "it is an echo from the pre-existence" Wow so cool! We were taught in heaven by our loving Father, and he lets us feel those things when we need to, To know that they are true and that we can be with Him again! I also loved what his wife said! Hymns are so amazing and help bring the spirit into any room. Try to apply each Hymn to one of the Christ-like attributes! I love doing that now. For example: Obedience-"I'll go where you want me to go" Patience- "Be still my soul". So this week my district all had to pick our favorite hymn and memorize it in Spanish! I love it! I chose "Te Necesito Ti" or "I need Thee Every Hour" One of my favorite songs and definitely a true statement in my life! I need my Heavenly Fathers guidance at every moment of the day! Ok i got another question, and I'd love to get an answer if possible! Why do we need the Book Of Mormon, if we already have the bible? My teacher posed this question and i'd just love to hear your thoughts and testimonies on it! I love you all and I know the Lord loves and knows each one of you personally. Man i've been so blessed to feel of His love, not only for me but for others and when I feel that love, I love them even more!!!!!!! Have a wonderful week! next time you hear from me I will be way down south! Love Hermana Gibbons

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