Monday, June 7, 2010

MTC Letter #5

-----Original Message----- From: Amanda Gibbons Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 8:38 AM
Subject: Mail Time!!! Hey all my lovely wonderful friends and family! Seriously i feel so blessed to have all of you in my life! I thank you so much for your kind words or encoragement and love! Those who are RM's i'd love to hear some stories from your missions, trials and awesome spiritual experiences! Ok so it was my birthday on friday! Wow i loved it! I came into my classroom and 7am and Hermana Petrick and Barker had decorated the class with balloons and streamers! They got me a district card and few elders got me a picture and stickers! ha All day long ppl told me Happy birthday and I got to pick some things we did in class! I chose for my class to share how they got their testimony or how they knew they were supposed to go on a mission! Wow i have an awesome district! I never realized how strong a 19 year old young mans testimony could be! Ok so then seriously i think the lord wanted to give me the best birthday ever! in my family b-days are now a huge dinner on sunday, whatever you want. So this sunday at the MTC, i was severed a huge spiritual dish! Janice Kapp Perry came and spoke in Relief Society, or the church meeting for all the women. For those of you who don't know who she is, She has written many hymns and primary songs for our church. I used to put her cd on on sunday and sing with her, i always wanted to grow up and be like her! I sang her song (we'll bring the world his truth) at my baptism, my favorite song is her "a childs prayer" and she also wrote "as sisters in zion" "love is spoken here" "I'm trying to be like jesus" and "I belong to the Church", just to name a few! Wow, she and her husband are going on there 2nd mission to china i believe! Her songs have brought me comfort and have help build my testimony! I love her and i still strive to be as humble and loving and she is. Her Mission song in "Like Jesus", i love it, mom can you send me the words from that? Also, i was an EFY counselor (church camp) this summer and one of my boys in my group just got in the MTC on wednesday! Elder Justin Jones! He found me on Sunday, wow what a change in him already! He looks like a missionary and is so ready and willing to serve! It's amazing what power you get when you recieve a calling from the Lord! We watch a talk by Bedner, so cool. Basically he said the most common question he recieves is "how can I tell if it's the spirit or just me thinking of something to do." His response is, "QUIT WORRYING about it, press forward!" The lord won't always give us these huge spiritual bursts, as long as our hearts are in the right place He can guide us with thoughts and small promptings. The Lord trusts you as you follow Him. Be not afraid and press forward, if its wrong God will let you know. So I'm now an accomplished button sewer! ha i sewed on 4 snap buttons onto my shirts and they look pretty darn good! It only took me 2 hours ha! I love it here and I love learning! Spanish is coming more and more. Next monday we teach the first Lesson in Spanish! I can't wait! I love all of you! Have a wonderful week! Thursday is my month mark! Can you believe it? I can't! I love you so so much! I'm praying for all of you! Hermana Gibbons
Posted by: Bonnie Gibbons
Date: February 23, 2010

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