Monday, June 7, 2010

MTC Letter #8

From: Amanda Gibbons Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 7:48 AM To: Bonnie Gibbons Subject: MTC news! HOLA!!! Ok so I just love this work more and more! We focused a lot on the Savior and Charity this week! What better things to learn than that! I love that we have the Holy Ghost with us, that we have the ability to become like our Heavenly Father. But only through the Saviors atonement is that possible. Charity is like the all encompassing characteristic of God! An Elder in my District shared this story. His brother is on the police force in Egar (sp), AZ and was called into a huge fire scene one night. It was the worst they had seen in years. There was a little girl caught inside, they could hear her screaming for someone to come and rescue her. The firemen wouldn't go inside, they were too scared that the house would collapse. The fire was HUGE. But this police officer still couldn't understand why they would go in. So he breaks down the door and grabs the severely burned little girl. She went to the hospital and sadly 3 days later, she passed away. What an act of pure love and charity. Giving no thought about his own safety, just the necessity to save one child. Even though the little girl passed away, it gave the parents an opportunity to say goodbye to their little girl and also know that someone out there cares for them. The greatest example of charity was that of the savior, giving everything for us, without complaint. Doing it all because he loves you! I think that while He was going through all this pain and agony, that the Lord let him see glimpses of our faces and to see what we could become. You gave Him strength to go on, now is the time to make sure not one of those precious drops of blood He shed, were not used. I know that what He went through was hard, He asked the Lord, if there is any other way can we do it.? What I'm doing is pretty hard, 15 hours a day devoted fully to study and preaching and preparing for others. Somedays are harder then others, but when I think of the savior and what He has done for me, then my day gets easier. I know that He is there for me and He is making me a better person so that I can better serve my Brothers and Sisters. So i really miss the Sun! Az is awesome ha! But the sun was out one day during study time, and Me and Hermana Onychuk came out and study our scriptures in the sun! I know that that was a Tender Mercy from the Lord! It's amazing the little things He does for me everyday. To make me happy and give me hope. What are somethings the Lord has givin you in your life? Or even today? It could be a smile, a phone call, a beautiful flower, the sunset...just remember that He loves you and wants you to be so so happy! One more question...Ok my teacher asked us this...."Why was it necessary that Jesus Christ was the Only begotten? Why couldn't we be also? I love you all so so much! Thank you for your prayers and support! You are all amazing! Love Hermana Gibbons Luise Holmes! You are so sweet thank you for your kind words! I miss you too!
Posted by: Bonnie Gibbons
Date: March 21, 2010

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