Thursday, July 15, 2010

Argentina - Santa Elena pics #23

"P-day" (=preparation day)
Companions: Hermanas Garcia y Gibbons
"I love my companion and my spanish has just shot through the roof with her. I still have a lot to learn, but I can teach a little clearer and I love that I can share my experiences with more clarity now!"

"Best P-day ever!...mountain biking in La Paz, it was so beautiful and way fun to ride..."

Argentina - Santa Elena Letter #23

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 8:32 AM
Subject: Goodies!

Hey Family,
Ok so I have to tell you the most Amazing experience. So we have been talking with Jorge fari├ís, he is the Only one in his family of 8 that was not baptized. I think he doesn’t understand how to feel the spirit or exactly when he receives an answer. We asked him if he would Fast with us to receive an answer. He agreed and wrote his purpose for fasting on a piece of paper. We went to his house Saturday to start the Fast off with a prayer together and he agreed to come to church as well. A blessing! he came, because his humble father was called to be 2nd counselor in the ward! Wow, what a perfect calling for him. Then we went to his house to break the Fast and eat lunch. We asked him after how he felt, still he was a little doubtful, like 'I felt good', nothing more. I had no idea what to say, but my heart began to pound so hard and I knew that the spirit was telling me to open my mouth. So I did, and words and thoughts came. I asked him if he trusted his father (they are a really, really close family). Then I said “do you believe that your father has the authority that he says he has, or is your father a liar?” He was a little dumbfounded and said, great question. He thought for a second and said, yes I believe that he has this authority.
I then began to explain that this means that Joseph Smith received this authority, therefore, was a prophet, and this church is the true and only church of Jesus Christ. That we have the authority to baptize which is a commandment you know you need to follow. Right now, you are rejecting Christ, your savior and redeemer. Wow, ya those definitely were not my words! It was so awesome, we pulled out an invitation for his own baptism and he wrote down his fecha(date), 31 de Julio!
I have no doubt that through the power of the spirit our Brothers and sisters can come to know the gospel. I am so grateful that the Lord is using me as an instrument in his hands. I know that only through him I am able to speak to these people boldly and with power. Read D & C 88 :81 and then think about this. You would warn your neighbor of a Fire or if you knew something bad was going to happen. Then why do we have fear to warn them about the salvation of their soul. The life after this life is SO much longer then this life. Do you really want your neighbors and friends to suffer when you Could have saved them?
I love you Brothers and sisters and I hope you are all reading and praying and remembering what truly is important in this life (Alma 37:36) . Thank you for your prayers and for your examples in my life! I love you all.
Hermana Gibbons

Uncle Marc- I wanted to thank you for your service in the Navy. I was reading in Alma 43:26,30,45-47 and i couldn't help but think of you! Thank you for doing what you can to protect our rights and our religious freedom. I feel so proud to have you as my uncle. Not only did you serve a mission, in my same mission, fighting against Satan, but you are now out fighting against those that would try to destroy our freedom. I love you so much and I hope you are doing so well. I would love to hear how you are doing and I am praying for you!

Tanner-love you and its good to her you are working so hard! I receive dear elder way faster than anything else!

Steph- I miss you and I hope your baby is still doing ok. I pray for you a lot, you have been on my mind. Know that I love you and I'm asking for angels to watch over you!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Argentina - Santa Elena Letter #22

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Monday, July 05, 2010 7:34 AM
To: Bonnie Gibbons
Subject: Argentine Goodies!

So I love being a missionary. I don’t know why the lord decided to bless me with this opportunity to see miracles, but here I am! I’ve been a little down this past week. I think it’s because of the change of pace with the work, or just working with a different companion all together. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my new comp. Hermana Garcia is an example of charity and service. I have never seen someone so interested in the lives of those around her. She listens and follows the spirit on what they need to be taught. I just felt like I wasn’t doing everything I could, but I didn’t know what to change. I decided instead of trying to figure it out for myself, I should get on my knees and ask the one who knows everything. One thing I have definitely learned on my mission is to rely on him. How easily we forget to do that!
Ok so this is what happened. We have been teaching this group of 5 boys for like 3 weeks and everytime we teach them they listen and there is this desire in their eyes to learn more. But when they are all together it’s hard to see who is ready and who is progressing. So we decided to get individual appts. The first was with Maxi, we have been working the longest with him. He is reading but refuses to pray. I was strongly prompted by the spirit to drop him, which I had no desire to do. But there was no way I could deny that impression. We dropped him and guess what, the Lord blesses us when we follow his guidance. The next day, we had a meeting with his friend Nico. He told us he loves talking with us about Christ and wants to go to church! He is the one who is ready to be taught. Also, we were reacquainted with one of our old investigators, Miguel Rossie! We came to his house, he said ok lets pray! Then in his pray he said he knows that this is the true church, which is amazing because his problem before was that he wanted to be both Catholic and Mormon, ha doesn’t really work that way. We now just need to help him quit smoking!
We are going to have a baptism this weekend as well. Alexi Alvarez, the son of my recent converts, Betty and Salustiano, has reaccepted another date for baptism. He is so ready. He loves to go to church and he shows us what he reads in the book of mormon with all the pictures!
What wonderful miracles we can see in this life! All we have to do is remember that we are nothing without Christ. Right now I am fasting from English! Ha, it has been interesting. My companion has woken up to me talking in my sleep in Spanish! And I am really learning a lot! I love this time here and I know as we humble ourselves we can receive guidance from the spirit, which means we make ourselves available to receive blessings! I love you all and I hope this letter helps someone this week! Thank you for your prayers and for taking care of my mommy and daddy while I am away!
Keep pushing forward!
Love Hermana Gibbons