Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Argentina - back in Entre Rios #52

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From: Amanda Gibbons
Date: Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 7:45 AM
Subject:  transfers

SO transfers and you are not going to believe it!!!  Hermana
Mitchell and I and staying together for a 3rd transfer!  So so crazy,
but we are pretty stoked about it!  We are so excited to get out there
and help those people we have met get baptized! I have learned a lot
with her, how to enjoy life while working hard!  I don’t know how many
of you have seen the movie “Charly”, but I feel like I kinda like Sam,
who just works and Hna Mitchell is like Charly, goofy, and enjoys life,
but still knows what’s right and has a very strong testimony!
Our wonderful converts are still going strong, and I love them so
much!  They are growing so much.  Agustin, 12, just received the
Aaronic priesthood this week and next week he will pass the sacrament!
 He is so excited, he has is white shirt and tie and has been talking
‘bout how he can’t wait to go on a mission and how he can’t wait to
marry a good Mormon girl!  There is a member kid who was saying bad
words when they were hanging out, and Agus said, hey that’s not cool,
that’s not what God wants us to do!
I felt so blessed last week to be able to hear the words of our
beloved leaders!  They are so amazing!  Its one thing to read their
words, but another to actually see them and hear their sweet voices.
Then it hit me the other day, we were reading 3 Nephi 11 with an
investigator (for all of your returned missionaries out there you know
we use this one a lot), this is when Christ comes and visits the
Americas, and I couldn’t help but think how amazing that would be to
hear the voice of our Savior.  I think we would recognize it, because
we lived with Him before and he is our brother.  I love that, knowing
that as we continue to study about His life, apply His teachings and
keep his commandments, that when He does come again, we will be ready,
we will recognize his voice of love.  What a glorious day that will
be.  I am so grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ! We
are so blessed to know the truth and to know that we can be with God
forever!  I love you all!!! Keep the faith!
 Hermana Gibbons!

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Jumping for joy to be back in Entre Rios with her companion Hermana Mitchell