Monday, June 28, 2010

Argentina - Santa Elena Letter #21

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 9:14 AM
To: Bonnie Gibbons
Subject: Hope helps you conquer discouragement

Wow so guess what! I have a new companion! She is awesome! Hermana Garcia is from Paraguay and just hit her 9 month mark in the misión! She is the sweetest thing ever! Seriously, just loves everyone no matter what! I am still in Santa Elena and so i´m kind of the leader! It´s so wierd because i am so used to just following Hna. Redfern everywhere, i never had to think about what we were going to do next, expecially if one of our citas fell through! It is definitely a learning experience and something i need to do. We are companions which implies we work together, not just tag along with one another.
So I have begun an English Fast, there is no point to talk in english since no one understands me and i know that it will help my spanish skills a ton! I am pretty excited about it and amazed at how much i have learned! I know this is only because i am trusting in my savior, cause really without him, I am nothing!
We are still working with the Familia Bazón, Maria and Roberto and their 3 kids! Maria and her daughter Romina came to church Sunday and absolutely loved it!! And just last night a miracle happened. Roberto Works in Rosario, so he is only here for the weekends and really has only recieved one lesson and some random visits from us. But he told us last night when he prayed, he recieved a feeling so strong that he Could not deny that th eBook of Mormón IS the Word of God, that it is true! They both accepted a baptisimal date for 24 of July! Oh this family is so Amazing!
I feel so truely blessed to be here and to feel so much love for these people! I didn´t know that I would want something so badly for someone else. We have another investigador, Rocio and her mom, Carolina, they both want to get baptized, but thier dad/husband refuses to allow them to do it. Please pray that his heart will be softened and he will understand the importance of this covenant. They were both crying because they know they need this in their lives. They said they are going to try to show him with their actions, praying, reading the scriptures, and going to church. My heart hurts for them and i know the only source of comfort is through pray.
I know that your prayers are heard and that you can relieve comfort from them! I love this work and i’m trying to Humble myself so that the spirit can work through me. I pray for your well being, physically and spiritually! I love you all.
Love Hermana Gibbons

Tanner: I just read that Autum got baptzed! Oh my goodness, what a blessing!! I hope the rest of your family is doing well! Tell Chelle that she is amazing! Miss you tons! I love you!

Argentina - Santa Elena Letter #20

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 7:53 AM
Subject: Oh ya!

Hey Everyone!
I love the work of the Lord! We have met some amazing people in this last week. When you put a little effort and talk to the person walking next to you, miracles happen! We tried to put on an activity this weekend and we wanted it to be really good! We passed out flyers and had the whole ward helping out. We wanted to show the movie Charly(so sad, but way good!), but we needed to make money to rent a projector! So we made Pasta Froula (a type of cake!) and each of the kids were supposed to have one person that was going to buy them! 1st problem, there is no gas, and all the ovens and stoves are operated by gas! Ha so at first we had no place to cook them, luckily we have the church! 2nd problem, the day we did it was a huge thing in the schools for all the kids! So no one showed up to sell them and as missionaries we can´t! ha, but the lord provides and 3 girls showed up and sold almost all of them for us. We were really scared that we wouldn´t have enough money, but we had exactly what we needed! In all seriousness, not a penny (peso) more or less! The lord always provides!
We had a baptism this Saturday, the daughter of Betty and Salustiano, Celina! She is 15 and was so excited! Her little brother Alexi was also going to be baptized, but he came that day and said he would go to church every week if we didn´t make him get baptized. We don´t know what changed because he was so so excited, but all of his family members are in the church and are strong. So with time he´ll understand the importance!
Ok, everyone should read Alma 5! It has some questions that we should all ask ourselves. Are you prepared to meet God? Will you look into his eyes in the final day with joy, or in shame will you hid your eyes? Oh, and what does it mean to have his image in your countenance? I love my savior, and everyday and everytime I testify, I realize how much I need him, how lost we would be without him. Make sure we are giving thanks to him for all he has done! I love you all!
Love Hermana Gibbons

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Argentina - Santa Elena Letter #19

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2010 9:50 AM
To: Bonnie Gibbons; Vince Gibbons
Subject: more goodies!

Hey all of you back home!!
So this has been a week of highs and way lows! My poor comp. Had a really bad day. We have been traveling a lot the past 3 weeks, zone conferences and tarde del milagros (we go to another area and work there so they can encounter a ton of new peple). We have slept on the floors, in buses and woken up way early and gone to bed way late. We’re a little off and also it makes it hard to get some good work done in our area. Anyways, after all this we forgot to set the alarm and woke up at 8:45 and for all you RM’s out there, thats pretty late! So we started out frantic, got our Studies done, but Hermana Redfern was not Feeling it. She said it was the first time in a long time that she has really just wanted to be home. In was pouring outside, the World cup game (ARG vs. NIG) was going on so the streets were even more deserted, and everything just kept falling through. Needless to say, it was a rough day! BUT we went and did! We worked when all we wanted was to be in homes with our friends and family! Because of this we saw miracles.
Our branch is still trying to learn how to be more unified, and we had a really fun activity! WE played the game signs, which is like one of my favorites to play! And they loved it and just had so much fun together. Also one of our investigators, Maria, told us that she was talking with her husband, and they love when we come. They feel good and know that we are here to help them. The next day she told us she prayed and read and knows that what we are teaching is true!!! Seriously, what a wonderful thing it is to hear when someone does their homework and has a testimony that these things are true!! Also, her husband let me help to uproot their tree! Ha it was a sight to see, me in a skirt with a shovel and an ax! Ha it was so much fun!! I love doing work like that and it was Amazing he let me help, men usually won’t let women here do work like that! Ha I loved it and so did their family! They got some Pictures of it, so i’ll try to send those next time!
MOSIAH 24:11-17 Remember to always pray even if you feel you are in a place that you can’t. If you let it, the spirit can always be with you. These people were told they would be put in prison if they prayed, so they prayed in their hearts because they knew it was that important. Also remember the Lord loves us, so he gives us trials. They help us grow and become more like him. Sometimes they feel like they last forever, but with god he wil ease our burdens, so we cannot feel them, strengthen, and so many other things. We’ll still have trials, but we can be happy through them! In verse 17, these people are freed. We must endure to the end, because the end is so important!
I love you all and I love this work! Please pray for the missionaries in the World! We need them, they give us strength and soften the hearts of our brethren!
Keep the faith!
Love Hermana Gibbons

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Aunt Stacie, Jordan, and Allison!!! I love you all so much and wish you Could hear me sing in my oh so high pitched voice singing happy birthday to you!! I hope they were the best days ever!

Uncle Marc: I’m not supposed to email anyone but my parents, sisters, and grandparents, but i really would like to keep in touch. So i’m asking my president for and exception. I hope you are doing well!! Te amo mucho y Argentina es el mejor! No puedo esperar a compartir todas nuestras historias juntos!!!

Linda Wilder: I would love to have you put together a scrapbook! I’ll be sending all my Pictures to my mom soon! So maybe you two can talk and get those all together! Yo are so sweet and i hope you are still Reading the book of mormon! I promise it is what you have been missing. It will make your life even better! Love you!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Argentina - Santa Elena Letter #18

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Monday, June 07, 2010 12:36 PM
To: Bonnie Gibbons
Subject: Weekly Goodies for Argentina


Hey everybody! I can´t believe another week has gone by! We have had some really awesome success. Our focus is to get people to enter into the chapel. It´s so important to get people to come to church, to feel the love of the members and to see that this is the true church of Jesus Christ! I love renewing my covenant every week and truely being forgiven of my sins once again. It's crazy how many times we have to repent, but we are definitely not perfect people. Thats why we have this chruch, to help fix us! To make us feel loved and welcomed and to talk with others who are in the same boat. Trying to become better people and follow the example of Christ, our perfect example.

We have been teaching Miguel, our 60 year old Hippie, who was progressing so well! He had a few problems that he completely stopped, but he still had a hard time with smoking. But what a change he went from 30 a day to 5 or less a day for 2 weeks. We went to him Tuesday though, and he dropped us. He said he was getting to used to us coming around and loved what we were teaching him. But he knows we are eventually going to leave, and he said he would get baptized, but would never go to church after that. We were grateful for his honesty and told him to continue to read the Book Of Mormon, but that we only baptize those that are willing to serve God and really want to do all they can for him. It was sad, because he was reading and praying and changing, maybe he'll be ready in a little bit longer, we planted a seed.

Cristina is so awesome, she has 7 kids all with different physical disabilities and she loves what we have to teach. She was really excited to come to church with us this sunday, but her "husband" (they're not really married but they all call each other spouses?) said she wasn´t allowed to go. He doesn´t mind that we come by and teach, so we'll see what we can do. She has a lot of family in our branch, so she might be able to get some help from that .

Also, the kids of Betty and Salustiano, who were baptized last week, finally commited to a date of baptism!!! and came to church this sunday!! Lots of parents here don´t really push their kids to do things, like they don´t make them get up in the morning, they all sleep in til 2 in the afternoon and i don´t, i´m just glad that school, church, and being healthy was always taught in my home! Thanks mom and dad. But this kids are so awesome! Celina and Alexi! Keep them in your prayers, they are set for the 19 of June!

We also taught the most awesome lesson this week! Alberto and Maria are the most amazing couple ever. They sweetly invited us into their home/yard (most of our lessons are outside with chairs, b/c their houses are very small and people don't always want us in their homes) and we taught them about the organization of Christ's chruch and how its important we are baptized like him (immersion, with the correct authority, age of accountability) and Alberto said, I think everyone should have the ability to baptize! We we're like you are right, every worthy male over the oge of 12 can posses the authority to baptize. Then we talked about repentance, and he doesn´t believe that he should have to go to someone else, who is not perfect, and confess his sins (they're catholic). You're right!!! we only need to confess our sins to God! He was like, of all the different religions we have listened to, you are the one we like the best! It was so awesome! The reason he likes our church is because it is the church of Jesus Christ, it is perfectly organized and makes sense!

I love this Gospel! We are still working with Maxi, 20 years old, awesome kid, still doesn´t believe in God and it's really difficult for him to even try and pray to see if he is there. He wants to know something because He keeps coming to all of our citas! Please pray for him, pray that he will pray and know that God loves him! Ha, he invites all his friends to our appointments, we've taught like 6 of his friends now.

There is a lot of work to do here in Santa Elena and it is a tiny town. Its amazing to me how many people are missing this knowledge in their lives! Remember your neighbors, the people you work with and maybe your family memebers. There are so many people that NEED this, this is their salvation! Don't be afraid to share your testimony!

Also, remember, you may be a member, but we need nourishment everyday! How is your scripture study?? Nephi said....

7 And now I, Nephi, cannot say more; the Spirit stoppeth mine utterance, and I am left to mourn because of the aunbelief, and the wickedness, and the ignorance, and the bstiffneckedness of men; for they will cnot search dknowledge, nor understand great knowledge, when it is given unto them in eplainness, even as plain as word can be.

Ya i still have trouble understanding things, but its amazing what we can learn when we actually study! put some time aside for the Lord everyday, really its for you! And read and pray. I promise you, your days, weeks, years, will be so much happier!

I love you all! Keep the faith!

Love Hermana Gibbons

Argentina - Santa Elena Letter #17

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Monday, May 31, 2010 8:03 AM
To: Bonnie Gibbons; Vince Gibbons
Subject: weekly goodies from Argentina!

Hey Family and Friends!

What a wonderful week, full of water! No seriously, it rained a ton AND we had 2 baptisms this weekend! Betty and Salustiano! They are so amazing. This couple has been investigating this church since January and Hma. Redfern dropped them a while back. A member was prompted to tell us we should go stop by and they happily invited us into their home. They are amazing and bore such sweet and simple testimonies at their baptism. Betty asked us, why do people always testify that they know that this is the true church. She came up to me after she bore testimony of the same thing and said, I understand now, I feel it in my soul and my heart!

I too want to say that I know without a doubt that this is the true church. It is the same church that Jesus himself established. We have that same authority to baptize and to be sealed to our families for time and all eternity. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only church with this priesthood authority. I know that God loves us and worries about us. We can pray to him always! And HE WILL answer, so ask him for guidance!

I was reading in mosiah, about baptism because we wanted to explain the covenant we make with our Heavenly Father. I don´t know if we as members realize how profound of a covenant it is!

Mosiah 18:13

And when he had said these words, the aSpirit of the Lord was upon him, and he said: Helam, I baptize thee, having bauthority from the Almighty God, as a testimony that ye have entered into a ccovenant to serve him until you are dead as to the mortal body; and may the Spirit of the Lord be poured out upon you; and may he grant unto you eternal life, through the redemption of Christ, whom he has prepared from the dfoundation of the world.

Serve him until you are dead! And then you will receive such amazing blessings! I know that you are all busy, but remember that God is more important. I ask you to reflect on your baptisimal covenant this week and then let the spirit speak to you when you renew your covenant when partaking of the bread and water.

I love you all and thank you for your prayers!

God be with you til we meet again!

Love Hermana Gibbons

Argentina - Santa Elena Letter #16

From: Amanda Gibbons

Sent: Monday, May 24, 2010 1:19 PM
To: Bonnie Gibbons
Subject: Oh the mission! LOVE IT!

Wow, this was a tough week. Lots of rain and many people with closed hearts. It´s crazy how some people will have the truth right in front of them, agree with it, but still reject it! I just hope at sometime they will be able to open their hearts and come unto Christ. I know that if we are on the Lord’s side we will be saved in the last days, when the Wars are Raging and the World is getting worse.

I know that life is really a tough thing, but one thing i know is that i am happier, healthier and have more time to do the things i want when I have put the Lord first. I just read in an ensign article “But when we immerse ourselves in the scriptures regulary and consistently, these other areas of activity will automatically come!” What a wonderful blessing. To have a more spiritual and uplifting life as well as be blessed with all areas of our lives to fall into place.

We have to work each day to have a testimony. President Kimball said, “don’t forget it! You have to fight for a testimony! You have to keep fighting!” The world is getting worse, and people all around are telling you that living the life of God is wierd or wrong. Don’t let them into your head. Remember that this is the time to prepare to meet God, not to be bad and do wrong, and then right b/4 we die, ask for forgiveness. If we want to live with God and with our families, we have to fight. As Nephi said, we are but a few people, but the anger of the Lord will desend upon the wicked and the righteous will prevail! To change is difficult and it’s not instant, like everything else is in this world, but I promise you the blessings will come! Your life will be better, pray, read, go to church. Do the simple things that really matter and life will be SO MUCH BETTER!

I give thanks everyday for being on the mision and all those years of coaches making me run. Thank you for you kind words and for your support. Continue to pray for the missionaries. As my good friend just wrote to me, there are 4 million members and Orly 51,000 missionaries and The prophet and the 12 with this oficial calling to be missionaries. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Ha. Keep the faith my Brothers and sisters. I pray the Lord will continue to bless your life!

Until next week,

Hermana Gibbons

Argentina - Santa Elena Letter #15

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2010 1:13 PM
To: Bonnie Gibbons
Subject: Santa Elena


Man another week in the field! What an awesome thing to experience! We have had some random lessons this week, but first we are teaching Christian, he is 21 and just an amazing kid! At one of our lessons we asked him why he was allowing us to come into his home and he said’ “I want to progress, I want to know more about God, and I don’t want to sin anymore.” He came to church this Sunday, alone and early. It’s Amazing what the spirit can do for people when they hear the truth. I love that the Lord prepares people. Me and my Comp asked eachother, what kind of 21 year-old is searching for this. We asked him to keep the law of chastity and he said he was going t oread the pamphlet with his girlfriend. Then Friday we taught him the Word of wisdom and he didn´t drink this weekend!

We also met Miguel’ he is a 60 man who acts like he’s 6. Very prideful and invited us over to teach us J Anyways, we somehow broke through his wall and the spirit touched his heart. He asked us to come again. We taught him from the Bible (b/c he says he doesn´t like our bible) and showed him the importante of baptism and that babies have no need of it b/c it is Only for the remission of sins. You Could see it touch his heart, he´d soften for a second and then fight it. He is a hoot andi s learning, He wants to g oto church but just doesn’t have the “ganas” (as they say here) to do it yet. Pray that we can continue to find a way to bring Christ io his heart.

The craziest lesson was with this family who just happend to be related to a girl we have seen on the street at least 10 times in the last two weeks (Giselda). She was really angry with us the first time we met, but we’ve softened her up a bit. Anyways the dad had a friend over and they were both drinking. Their friend was crazy, kept asking us if we wanted to be his girlfirends and then said he had a picture of Joseph Smith, he went and got it, but it turned out to be Jesus Christ. Then there was 5 kids running around screaming and the parents were laughing really loud. While all this was going on Giselda was asking the best questions ever! And she was saying that she d´t like the catholic church b/c they worship saints (against the 10 commandments), where do the "sacerdocios" get their authority...on and on. She is looking for this church because it is The Church of Jesus Christ, it´s what is taught in the bible. Anyways she reluctanly agreed to meet with us again after fighting with all the craziness around us!

I love this work and I love lerning more and more of the things i need to work on! Matthew 17:20, i love love this scripture. When i got baptized i recieved a necklace with a mustard seed. I know that by small things, a little bit of faith, we can move mountains. Trust in the Lord, I know life is hard and we have so much to do, but if we put him first, do things for others, he will give you the time to get things done and the strength to get through it. I love you all and pray for you. I'm trying to workwith all my might and love to see the spirit touch the hearts of others! Keep the faith ALWAYS!


Hermana Gibbons

Argentina - Santa Elena Letter #14

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 12:58 PM
To: Bonnie Gibbons; Vince Gibbons
Subject: Miracles shouldn´t be something unxpected (read in Bible dictionary, Miracles)

Hey all you back home!

Wow so I just got to talk to my family on Sunday. I just wanted to say Happy Mothers day to all you mothers out there! First to my mother who is the greatest example of a women that there could be. She just loves to help others and taught me to be a righteous woman. Mom, thank you for helping an soooo many others in their time of need! I know like 30 people who would love to tell you how grateful they are just for your smile. Georgie and Stephanie what amazing examples you are, keep raising your children in the gospel so that they will become as awesome as you are! And all the mothers of my friends, I seriously have the greatest friends and I know that it is because of their mothers! You are so amazing. Remember that you as a mother have a divine calling that only you can fulfil. It was said in this conference that the most important mission you will have in this life is raising a family! That’s a big deal!

Ok I told my family this, but we had a miracle happen this week, well we have one almost everyday, but Hugo Narvaez was baptized on Sunday. His wife has been a member for 14 years and he has been through many missionaries. He also doesn´t like to be told what to do, but for some reason he did everything we asked him to do. We seriously taught him everything we could think of (well my comp didJ) and so we asked him to fast, he had a date for baptism already but still said he hadn´t received his firm answer. Wow, if you have never done a real fast before, do it. If you are lacking something in your life or someone else needs help, try a fast. Study what fasting really means. I love what it says in the Bible Dictionary, it’s a way of showing sorrow! To show God that we know we are nothing without him, that we can give up the things of the world and invite the spirit into our hearts. HE WILL HELP YOU! I promise. We had no idea what to say to Hugo Friday morning, but my comp was lead by the spirit to have him hear exactly what he needed to hear! He is so happy and his wife can´t wait to finally have her “happily ever after” and be sealed in the temple for eternity!

I know that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ and that it is the only way for us to have true happiness and joy in this life! Members, wow I never realized how much the missionaries need your help. I was not a very good missionary b-4 this and I promise to be better forever! But it is a commandment that we share this gospel! Not just us missionaries, this is for the members of the church. Alma 6:6, Moroni 6:5, and a million more say it is necessary for us to help others! Remember, there are so many people who don´t know about this gospel and they are hungry!!!! I know that most of you are from mesa and there are a ton of members, but I know you know someone who is in need. I challenge you to pray this week to know who is ready, and the first name that comes to you, bring it to the missionaries. How much more would our church grow if everyone of our members brought a reference this week. Take this seriously, you may have promised to help someone come to the gospel in the Pre-existence.

I love you all and I would love to hear about your experiences with this challenge. My family, come on gibbons girls I know you can do this. Kylee, you have always been an example to me with this! Don´t give up! I love Argentina!

Love ya´ll,

Hermana Gibbons

D-BEV, 2 weeks girl! I am so excited and I am there in spirit! I will be wearing your wedding colors all day! I want pictures! And you are the most amazing best friend I could ever ask for! I´m feel so privledged to be your MOH, even though i´m so far away! I love you girl, I pray for you and your mom everyday! MWAH

TANNER, finish up good on those finals! And give Micol a big graduation hug for me. Oh, how is our friend Brock? I need his address!!! Smooches!

Marsha Turk and Zeina! Girls I just got your letters! I love and miss you so much! Tell everyone and the office that they are amazing and I miss them tons! You can tell john my birthday was in feb, so he should send my VANS to Argentina! J

Argentina - Santa Elena Letter #13

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 8:44 AM
To: Bonnie Gibbons
Subject: Santa Elena report

¡Hola! Mi Familia y mis amigos!

Wow i can´t believe i am at my second P-day and i still need to unpack! Haha. I love it here! It is so different from the states! I wash my clothes in a bucket and hang them out to dry. IT´s pretty crazy, but nothing i can´t handle! Ha So i had my first baptisim on Friday night. Paola Ortiz! Her son just recieved the aaronic priesthood, 1 hour before, and was able to baptized his 60 year old mother! She was so excited, but this was one of the funniest baptism´s i have ever been to. FIrst she is so small she had to wear the Little girls dress and then she was terrified of wáter, so watching her walk in was pretty funny. She didn´t bend her knees so when the son tried top uh her under she floated to the top, so he just pushed her under ofter she let go of her nose and she threw her arms around a lot, but got her under. IT wasn´t the most graceful baptisim but if you could have seen her face, you would haveknown that she was so happy and didn´t want anything else for her life!

We are teaching Hugo, his wife and son have been members for 14 years and he finally has come to church for 2 weeks in a row, and prayed out lound for the rfirst time ever with us. He has a date for the 8th, but he still says he doesn´t have a sure answer. We found out finally yesterday is because he has a cold herat towards others, he doesn´t really know how tol ove, even though he has an amazing family. Pray for him that he will give up his pride and forgive, because he knows he needs to be baptized and needs to change, he just doesn´t really want to.

We also had a surprise, on Sunday a family Hma. Redfren had let go 2 months ago came to church (We had a conference, and Pres Villalba and a 70 spoke, so awesome, from what i understood J) and they loved it and they want to get baptized. They are working for the 22, but he needs to quite smoking. Please keep him in your prayers, (Betty y Salusiano).

So yesterday we met Alejandro, the cutest old man ever. He told us he lost his wife 5 years ago, and when we told him he could give her a hug again some day he said. Really? I can see her and hold her? He had the biggest smile on his face and you couild see the love he had for his wife in his eyes. I can´t wait to tell him more!

We family i´ve got to go. I love this work, there have been some difficult meetings. It´s crazy how messed up and backwards this world is. Remember to keep the important things in your life first! Seriously It´s amazing how quickly satan can get in there and scramble it all up. I love you and i love sharing my testimony everyday. Thank you for you prayers, i definitly need them!


Hermana Gibbons (here they say hih-bons)

Argentina!!! Letter #12

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 11:44 AM
To: Bonnie Gibbons
Subject: AREGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Hey Everyone!

I made it to Argentina! I love it here! Wow it is such a different place but its so awesome! I am in an area called Santa Elena, Dad it is like no bigger than St. Johns and we are about 5 hours from the mission home. We walk everywhere and it is pretty poor. It kinda looks like a green mexico, but it doesn´t have the feel of mexico at all!

So here´s how my trip was getting here. Got on a plane Tuesday morning from Salt lake to Atlanta. Had a three hour lay over in Atlanta and then got on a plane to Argentina, Buenos Aires Airport. I met the coolest girl on the plane, she is from argentina and is very religious. She was really interested in what I was going to be doing for the nest 15 months. I pulled out my Libro de Mormón and she asked all about it. I gave one to her and she started reading right then and there. She gave me her address and said she´d love to have missionaries stop by! She is so awesome! Then Alberto picked me up at the terminal and we had 4 ½ hours until my bus came so he took me on a tour of Buenos Aires. Man people drive like there are no lines in the roads and I don´t understand how their light system works just yet! Ha Buenos Aires is cool and way big. Then I had a 5 hours bus ride to Rosario, and I was to whipped out I fell asleep in 5 min ha! Their chairs turn into beds! Way nice! Met my awesome comp., Hermana Redfern who is basically my long lost twin! I love her and she loves to work. That night we went and taught a part member family! It was so awesome and I even shared a bit in Spanish! Slept and the mission home and took 2 more buses 5 hours to Santa Elena!

Anyways My house is just a cement house, with a front room, kitchen, bathroom, study room and bedroom. We have very little furniture and our shower is a bucket we fill up and then heat up the water with some plug in thing. There is no heat or a/c and the electricity is so bad that it can´t heat up my straightener enough to use. BUT I have never been so happy and so out of place in my life. We get to share the gospel with these ppl who only have beds in their houses. There are so many awesome people here and I wish I could share more but my time is up!

I love you all. Thank you for you love!

Love Hermana Gibbons

Aaron C- sorry bud, I just got all your letters, you´ve been sending them to Argentina. They were awesome and I will write you back soon!

Same with like 5 or 6 other friends and Family! I will get to you soon! Just busy doing the lords work!

MTC Letter #11

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 4:04 PM
To: Bonnie Gibbons
Subject: Yep MTC still!

Hey all you out there,

So i have been delayed one more time because the doctor doesn't like me breathing! go figure! haha anyways i'm doing great, the MTC is a steriods with the spirit! No literally, i am on some steriods the doctor gave me! Ha ok, so I got my real and hopefully final travel plans and leave exactly a week from today! Yeah! Those Argentines better be ready for me, because I have been preparing for them!

Ok i want to challenge you all, whoever gets these emails to go and get your bibles and read in Matthew 14, about peter walking on water. I have just been reminded over and over on our need to not doubt. To focus our lives on the savior. Are we headed towards him and walking with faith on top of that water, or have we looked away for just a second and got scared or distracted with other things. Are we sinking or have we already sunk. I want you to know, that wherever you are in the seas of the life, the Lord can pull you back up! He wants you to come to him, he is standing there with open arms ready and waiting. All you have to do is call out for him. Pray and the Lord will answer, pray with real intent and you will act upon that answer! Don't let an oppourtunity to hear the spirit pass you by.

I'm really working on this right now. I don't want to doubt and i don't want to fear. I may not know much spanish but i can bear my testimony and thats what i am going to do! I will say it with all my might and try to help others feel that spirit! Thank you for your prayers, they are much needed! I am not wasteing the Lord's time, I am here for another week, it's not exactly where i want to be, but I am still a missionary, This is still the Lords time and I still don't know everything! Ha!

Keep being amazing! I love you all! Have a great week!


Hermana Gibbons

D-BEV! hey girl i sent you a letter a while back and I just wanted to make sure you got it! I love you and I hope everything is going well for you! I pray for your happiness and i miss you tons! You are my best friend from now and forever! Keep smiling babe!

Robert Ryan- I miss you and I sent you a letter to the Standford address! If that is where you still want me to send it I will do, or maybe to your house is easier? I hope school is going well and not kicking your booty too much! Love ya! Keep speaking spanish/portugese! We'll have fun when i get home

MTC Letter #10

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2010 4:44 PM
To: Bonnie Gibbons
Subject: MTC Update

Hey everyone!

Ok so I feel a lot better! I'm still a little light-headed at times and i'm coughing still, but i feel a lot better! I went to the doctor yesterday and he said i am on the right track for recovery! I'll go get another x-ray of my lungs on monday and then they will tell me if i am cleared or not!!!! yeah!

I loved conference! SOOOO awesome! So on saturday i was getting all light-headed just sitting there watching so i went to one of my friends that has some power here to see if there was a place i could rest my head and listen to conference! He got us hooked up! Ha, he put us in there very nice conference room where they have huge leather chairs and a big flat screen tv. I was able to lean back in the chair with my feet up! So nice, it almost felt like i was at home! So for the other 3 sessions, me and my two wonderful companions where able to sit in this awesome room! I loved that conference was on Easter and was all based on families and Jesus Christ! Each talk pertained to a different part of the family! Packer on the priesthood, all fathers should read it! and Like 3 on mothers and daughters! so cool! Here's just a few things that stood out to me...

"Hope does not depend on circumstance, but faith"...we can be in the worst situation ever, but still be happy and have hope for the future if we keep that faith in Jesus Christ and his atonment!

Be an example, people learn by an example, not by what you say "Your actions speak so loudly, that i can't hear what you are saying."

I am so grateful to William Tindale, a man who sacrificed his life for the translation of the Bible into english. He believed everyone should have the chance to read the words of God! So awesome! It made me love the scriptures even more. I love Tindale and Joseph Smith for making it possilbe for me to study the words of the prophets of God.

REACH OUT to others! Be their rescue. Notice when they are having a hard time!

LOVE- True love requires action! Don't just say you love someone show them. Also we need to respect what true love actually is. Love is the grand motive for the Plan of Salvation and the reason Christ went into the garden.

If you have made mistakes, REALIZE this is why Christ laied down his live for us! No matter what you have done, you can come unto him and be forgiven!

"Two men can do ANYTHING, if one of them is the Lord"

I just loved everything there is so much more i would love to share with you! I wish all of you could have heard the words of these amazing men and women. I believe they are already written out on gc., so check it out if you can!

So funny story, there was a mouse in our common room by my bedroom! This sister told me not to scream when it came out and i knew i would be fine, but when it darted out, this other sister just standing there screamed bloody murder and ran faster than that mouse! ha it was so funny! Don't worry they caught it and it can't get in my room...i hope ha!

Also my teacher has been having me learn so sayings they have in latin countries so that i can sound more native. This one is pretty funny. If you want to say I don't have a penny to my name, you say "No tengo donde caerse muerto!" Which means, i don't have a place to die! I don't know, they have some crazy sayings!

Well my time is up, I love you all and i hope you had the best easter ever!

Love Hermana Gibbons

MTC Letter #9

From: Amanda Gibbons Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 6:39 AM To: Bonnie Gibbons Subject: Farewell MTC Hola!!! Ok i got my flight plans, I ship out Monday morning and after about 30-35 hours of travel i will arrive at my final destination! ARGENTINA!! Oh man i can't wait! Have i really been gone for 2 months?? I Love it here and I have learned so much! I love searching my scriptures everyday and just loving them more and more. My scriptures have never looked so loved before! Remember that they are the instrument the Lord gave us to help us with our daily lives! ELDER Q. L. COOK spoke to us last Tuesday! I felt soo blessed to have an apostle of the Lord in the same room as me. Not only that, I was blessed to be able to sit in the front row...i know some people I love that he said "live for the Holy Ghost!" Everyday live your life in a way that the Holy Ghost can always be with you! Be your constant companion! COOK told us that after questioning tons of different people, the thing that they remembered most from the lessons with the missionaries is the history of Joseph Smith, our prophet and the plan of salvation! What beautiful things the Lord gives us in order to make our lives better. He said, he believes that most people remember because "it is an echo from the pre-existence" Wow so cool! We were taught in heaven by our loving Father, and he lets us feel those things when we need to, To know that they are true and that we can be with Him again! I also loved what his wife said! Hymns are so amazing and help bring the spirit into any room. Try to apply each Hymn to one of the Christ-like attributes! I love doing that now. For example: Obedience-"I'll go where you want me to go" Patience- "Be still my soul". So this week my district all had to pick our favorite hymn and memorize it in Spanish! I love it! I chose "Te Necesito Ti" or "I need Thee Every Hour" One of my favorite songs and definitely a true statement in my life! I need my Heavenly Fathers guidance at every moment of the day! Ok i got another question, and I'd love to get an answer if possible! Why do we need the Book Of Mormon, if we already have the bible? My teacher posed this question and i'd just love to hear your thoughts and testimonies on it! I love you all and I know the Lord loves and knows each one of you personally. Man i've been so blessed to feel of His love, not only for me but for others and when I feel that love, I love them even more!!!!!!! Have a wonderful week! next time you hear from me I will be way down south! Love Hermana Gibbons

MTC Letter #8

From: Amanda Gibbons Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 7:48 AM To: Bonnie Gibbons Subject: MTC news! HOLA!!! Ok so I just love this work more and more! We focused a lot on the Savior and Charity this week! What better things to learn than that! I love that we have the Holy Ghost with us, that we have the ability to become like our Heavenly Father. But only through the Saviors atonement is that possible. Charity is like the all encompassing characteristic of God! An Elder in my District shared this story. His brother is on the police force in Egar (sp), AZ and was called into a huge fire scene one night. It was the worst they had seen in years. There was a little girl caught inside, they could hear her screaming for someone to come and rescue her. The firemen wouldn't go inside, they were too scared that the house would collapse. The fire was HUGE. But this police officer still couldn't understand why they would go in. So he breaks down the door and grabs the severely burned little girl. She went to the hospital and sadly 3 days later, she passed away. What an act of pure love and charity. Giving no thought about his own safety, just the necessity to save one child. Even though the little girl passed away, it gave the parents an opportunity to say goodbye to their little girl and also know that someone out there cares for them. The greatest example of charity was that of the savior, giving everything for us, without complaint. Doing it all because he loves you! I think that while He was going through all this pain and agony, that the Lord let him see glimpses of our faces and to see what we could become. You gave Him strength to go on, now is the time to make sure not one of those precious drops of blood He shed, were not used. I know that what He went through was hard, He asked the Lord, if there is any other way can we do it.? What I'm doing is pretty hard, 15 hours a day devoted fully to study and preaching and preparing for others. Somedays are harder then others, but when I think of the savior and what He has done for me, then my day gets easier. I know that He is there for me and He is making me a better person so that I can better serve my Brothers and Sisters. So i really miss the Sun! Az is awesome ha! But the sun was out one day during study time, and Me and Hermana Onychuk came out and study our scriptures in the sun! I know that that was a Tender Mercy from the Lord! It's amazing the little things He does for me everyday. To make me happy and give me hope. What are somethings the Lord has givin you in your life? Or even today? It could be a smile, a phone call, a beautiful flower, the sunset...just remember that He loves you and wants you to be so so happy! One more question...Ok my teacher asked us this...."Why was it necessary that Jesus Christ was the Only begotten? Why couldn't we be also? I love you all so so much! Thank you for your prayers and support! You are all amazing! Love Hermana Gibbons Luise Holmes! You are so sweet thank you for your kind words! I miss you too!
Posted by: Bonnie Gibbons
Date: March 21, 2010

MTC Letter #7

From: Amanda Gibbons Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 1:53 PM To: Bonnie Gibbons Subject: Re: P day Hey all you wonderful people! Ok so I love being out here more and more each day! We have a "progressive investigator", or someone interested in the gospel that we are teaching in the T.E.C. His name is Hugo and He is just so excited to learn more about the gospel. We are teaching him in spanish only!! so incredible! I love it! I am so amazed at the progress I have made here. I mean i'm probably only at maybe a 2nd grade level, maybe, but thats pretty darn good compared to kindergardeners no? Ha We had the most awesome meeting on Sunday for our mission conference! The speakers were so awesome! One sister talked about never loosing sight of the "vision" or of the purpose. She related the story to a women who wanted to be ther first women to swim from somewhere to somewhere (i don't remember), and when she was 15 hours into the swim she made them get her out of the water. She was only less than 1 mile away from her final destination. She reported that it was fatigue or the cold water that stopped her, but it was the fog. She could no longer see where she was supposed to end up and forgot her final goal. Man how many times do we let things get in the way, turn into the "fog", and not allow us to end up with the goal we started with! Don't let things distract you from the gospel and the eternal blessing it has in return for us. Its crazy how wrapped up we get in the world and the things the world says is good. Remember the Lords way is the best and I promise it is always the easiest path to travel. Another topic was patience! That is definately something we all need to work on! Just remember the Lord has a plan for each of us and He has his own time, because that is what is best for our lives! And my personal favorite talk was about testimonies! The quote i loved was "You can never keep a testimony, unless you have to answer for it or share it with others." So true, the times i've felt my testimony grow the most has been in bearing it to others, my family, my friends and random people who have asked me about being a member of Jesus Christ's church. Remember that you are children of God, that everyone around you is your brother or sister. We are working on Charity this week, and I'd like to give you the same challenge that we have. Look and act upon 5 acts of Charity each day. Then write down what happened and how it made you feel! I promise that it will help you see others the way God sees them. I love all of you. Thank you for your support and your prayers. They are much needed! I am working hard everyday and trying to be the best missionary I can be. I'm striving to be like the three 18 year old boys who rescued the Martin hand cart company from having to walk across the river with huge frozen chunks of ice. They willingly carried each person across the water in order for them to get to the placed the Lord asked them to go. Because of the bitter cold, the affect on these boys bodies was so great, that each died in later years because of it. I want to be like them. To go out and help guide my brothers and sisters back to Christ. I will give my all no matter how hard it may be. Keep being the amazing people i know you are, love, Hermana Gibbons
Posted by: Bonnie Gibbons
Date: March 21, 2010

MTC Letter #6

From: Amanda Gibbons Sent: Tuesday, March 02, 2010 8:13 AM Subject: Hey all! ok so this was an awesome week! Yesterday i got to teach the lesson of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in just spanish! That meant talking in spanish for 35 min! It was so awesome! ya I couldn't say as much as I wanted to say, but I think I got the point across that God loves us so much and He wants all of us to be able to talk with him! I know that this is the true and everlasting church of Jesus Christ. My teacher was telling me there is a book written by a Catholic man who states that either The catholic church is the correct church or Mormonism is. I thought that was really awesome and I was interested in reading it! I think it's so awesome to hear of others religions and how it brings them closer to Christ. So Sunday Sister Ann Dibbs came and spoke. She is President Monson's daughter (President Monson is the Prophet of God today) i was so cool to her from her and what she had to say about missionary work. oh and before the relief society they play the mormon tabernacle choir and a cute little childrens choir fomr china joined them. i love their accent, the sang for the beauty of the earth, but it was more like "errssh" ha so adorable. everyday is super busy but i feel like i am getting all that i need to do done. there seriously is not enough hours in a day sometimes? i hit my month mark on the 27. i love it. i was saying yesterday how i can't picture my life without a mission in it. i really can't wait to get out there and help my borthers and sisters in argentina. i can't wait to hear there accent and just do all that i can to make their lives better. Se que Jesucristo es mi redentor y mi salvador. Se que Joseph Smith fue un profeta y Presidente Monson es nuestro profeta hoy. Se que soy una hija de a Dios y conoce me personable. Me agrecido por mi familia y por todos los cosas y las personas l trae en mi vida. I love you all. Thank you for your love and support! Love, Hermana Gibbons
Posted by: Bonnie Gibbons
Date: March 3, 2010

MTC Letter #5

-----Original Message----- From: Amanda Gibbons Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 8:38 AM
Subject: Mail Time!!! Hey all my lovely wonderful friends and family! Seriously i feel so blessed to have all of you in my life! I thank you so much for your kind words or encoragement and love! Those who are RM's i'd love to hear some stories from your missions, trials and awesome spiritual experiences! Ok so it was my birthday on friday! Wow i loved it! I came into my classroom and 7am and Hermana Petrick and Barker had decorated the class with balloons and streamers! They got me a district card and few elders got me a picture and stickers! ha All day long ppl told me Happy birthday and I got to pick some things we did in class! I chose for my class to share how they got their testimony or how they knew they were supposed to go on a mission! Wow i have an awesome district! I never realized how strong a 19 year old young mans testimony could be! Ok so then seriously i think the lord wanted to give me the best birthday ever! in my family b-days are now a huge dinner on sunday, whatever you want. So this sunday at the MTC, i was severed a huge spiritual dish! Janice Kapp Perry came and spoke in Relief Society, or the church meeting for all the women. For those of you who don't know who she is, She has written many hymns and primary songs for our church. I used to put her cd on on sunday and sing with her, i always wanted to grow up and be like her! I sang her song (we'll bring the world his truth) at my baptism, my favorite song is her "a childs prayer" and she also wrote "as sisters in zion" "love is spoken here" "I'm trying to be like jesus" and "I belong to the Church", just to name a few! Wow, she and her husband are going on there 2nd mission to china i believe! Her songs have brought me comfort and have help build my testimony! I love her and i still strive to be as humble and loving and she is. Her Mission song in "Like Jesus", i love it, mom can you send me the words from that? Also, i was an EFY counselor (church camp) this summer and one of my boys in my group just got in the MTC on wednesday! Elder Justin Jones! He found me on Sunday, wow what a change in him already! He looks like a missionary and is so ready and willing to serve! It's amazing what power you get when you recieve a calling from the Lord! We watch a talk by Bedner, so cool. Basically he said the most common question he recieves is "how can I tell if it's the spirit or just me thinking of something to do." His response is, "QUIT WORRYING about it, press forward!" The lord won't always give us these huge spiritual bursts, as long as our hearts are in the right place He can guide us with thoughts and small promptings. The Lord trusts you as you follow Him. Be not afraid and press forward, if its wrong God will let you know. So I'm now an accomplished button sewer! ha i sewed on 4 snap buttons onto my shirts and they look pretty darn good! It only took me 2 hours ha! I love it here and I love learning! Spanish is coming more and more. Next monday we teach the first Lesson in Spanish! I can't wait! I love all of you! Have a wonderful week! Thursday is my month mark! Can you believe it? I can't! I love you so so much! I'm praying for all of you! Hermana Gibbons
Posted by: Bonnie Gibbons
Date: February 23, 2010

MTC Letter #4

From: Amanda Gibbons Sent: Tuesday, February 16, 2010 Subject: Another letter From ME! MTC! Hey all you folks back home!!! So i've almost been here for 3 weeks! Crazy! The time goes by so fast!!! Everyday is a busy one but I love it! Lots of hard work, but everytime I get on my knees to pray, I feel the love of my savior and the strength of the spirit! We had a meeting on Baptism. It was so awesome! It really got me excited to find those people ready for baptism! One thing thats sad, and I was guilty of this too, is that members tend to look down on baptism, like a missionary is all cocky if they talk about all the baptism's. But that is what we are supposed to be doing! Ballard said "You missionaries are to teach and Baptize a harvest of souls! No one can be saved without baptism, it is the gateway to the path of eternal life." The question was asked, if missionaries are baptising, why are we sending them out? Wow, its true though, our church is the only one with the correct authority here on this earth. Baptism is not the only thing I do as a missionary, but that talk has definately made me see it in a different light! So I had a meeting with a man from the Argentine Counsel. The lady told us that we would all have to meet him one-on-one and He has been known to reject people. So i went into this meeting pretty scared! But it turned out, He just talked about his country, the different sights to see and the food to try (and what not to put on Asado, no ketchup (sp)) Ha he was really funny and kept calling on my because I was the only Hermana in the meeting! I got super excited, remembering that I get to go there and meet the wonderful people of that country! So I don't know if I said this last week, but there are 16 elders (including Bro. LeSuer from gilbert, and Bro. Cowley, my 3rd cousin!) going to Rosario with me! They are awesome elders and have helped me a ton already! Ha whenever they see me they so "Hey herMAMA!" Oh the jokes of missionaries! I love my district, I got to teach a lesson for sunday school and we talked about Christ's ministry on the earth. I had them each read a different miracle or act Christ performed on this earth, and then had them explain what it meant to them. It's amazing to hear the words of your peers! I challenge all of you to bear your testimony at least twice this week! You'll be amazed at how much it effects (affects??) you. Also I know that the MTC gets rough, but just like Moses, Abraham, and even Christ himself, went away for a time to prepare to teach His people. To be purified and to know what the Lord wanted from them! I'm here to prepare, to make myself into the tool the Lord wants me to be! I love all of you so much! I love hearing from you, so if you want get the MTC address from my mom, or! Seriously, thank you for all the support! Love Hermana GIbbons!
Posted by: Bonnie Gibbons
Date: February 17, 2010

MTC Letter #3

From: Amanda Gibbons Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 2010 5:32 PM Subject: MASS! ha i miss you all! Hey everyone! I have 10 min so here I go! Mom they gave me a filtered water bottle so don't worry about that! This week has been so awesome! Elder Hinckley (pres Hinckley's son) came and talked to us! He is an amazing speaker! He told us about his dad struggling on his mission, and in reply to a letter, Pres Hinckley's dad said, "Forget yourself and go to work!" I promise you all that I am working so hard everyday!! I don't want to go home with any, "I wish I would have's...". I love this gospel and I'm really trying hard to learn the language! But its pretty tough, at least for me! My companion and I got to teach the first lesson together on Monday, and it was pretty cool! You could tell that we helped that lady feel whatever she needed to feel that day! It was way awesome! I love how much the spirit surrounds me everyday! One thing i thought was cool and never knew was that Nephi, when he left Jerusalem, was only around the age of 15 or 16! Wow he must have had such faith in the Lord to do all that he did! Could you imagine slaying a man at 15? 3NE 7:15-21, I hope I can be a missionary like Nephi is here! Testify boldly and with great faith! Such a great scripture you should all read it! I want my family to know that I love them so so much! I pray for each of you individually every night! Don't forget that I love you! I hope everything is going well! If you need my MTC address email My mom back and she'll send it to you! I love letters and I'll do my best to respond! I know the Lord loves each and everyone of us! Love you so, so much! hermana gibbons ps. I can't get pictures on email! And if you use I can get your letters faster! I love you

MTC Letter #2

Date: February 2, 2010 5:37:16 PM MST Subject: MTC Hey everyone! So i'm here at the MTC and i've almost made it through my first week! Tuesday is my P-day, which means i get to go to the temple, write an email within 30 min, and then continue to work hard! Ha I love it! This is such an amazing place to be! Mi compa?ero is Hermana Onychuck and she is incredible! She is knows the scriptures so well and has an amazing testimony! Just a solid girl from Canada. I feel so blessed to have her as mi compa?ero! Well everyday we have class for 4hrs and 45min, dinner, then class fro 3 hours! The morning is personal study and then companionship study and going to the Teaching Resource Center. Which is a place where missionaries practice with teacher and ppl from provo on sharing the gospel! It?s way awesome, but it?s a little intimidating! My spanish is coming along ok. It?s been a rough start, but a lot the things I learned from 8th and 9th grade are coming back! I love singing in Spanish! Thats probably my favorite part! It just sounds so beautiful! So we made a goal to get up and get jogging evey morning, or do the classes they have for the sisters at 6am, so im up at 545 everyday, i feel like i?m getting old! i'm getting tired at 9pm! Ha. The beds are not the best so I have a hard time getting to sleep, but not too bad. I think its just because my mom gave me her night-owlism! ha I love all of you! Big Hugs!
Posted by: Bonnie Gibbons
Date: February 8, 2010