Monday, June 7, 2010

Argentina - Santa Elena Letter #13

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 8:44 AM
To: Bonnie Gibbons
Subject: Santa Elena report

¡Hola! Mi Familia y mis amigos!

Wow i can´t believe i am at my second P-day and i still need to unpack! Haha. I love it here! It is so different from the states! I wash my clothes in a bucket and hang them out to dry. IT´s pretty crazy, but nothing i can´t handle! Ha So i had my first baptisim on Friday night. Paola Ortiz! Her son just recieved the aaronic priesthood, 1 hour before, and was able to baptized his 60 year old mother! She was so excited, but this was one of the funniest baptism´s i have ever been to. FIrst she is so small she had to wear the Little girls dress and then she was terrified of wáter, so watching her walk in was pretty funny. She didn´t bend her knees so when the son tried top uh her under she floated to the top, so he just pushed her under ofter she let go of her nose and she threw her arms around a lot, but got her under. IT wasn´t the most graceful baptisim but if you could have seen her face, you would haveknown that she was so happy and didn´t want anything else for her life!

We are teaching Hugo, his wife and son have been members for 14 years and he finally has come to church for 2 weeks in a row, and prayed out lound for the rfirst time ever with us. He has a date for the 8th, but he still says he doesn´t have a sure answer. We found out finally yesterday is because he has a cold herat towards others, he doesn´t really know how tol ove, even though he has an amazing family. Pray for him that he will give up his pride and forgive, because he knows he needs to be baptized and needs to change, he just doesn´t really want to.

We also had a surprise, on Sunday a family Hma. Redfren had let go 2 months ago came to church (We had a conference, and Pres Villalba and a 70 spoke, so awesome, from what i understood J) and they loved it and they want to get baptized. They are working for the 22, but he needs to quite smoking. Please keep him in your prayers, (Betty y Salusiano).

So yesterday we met Alejandro, the cutest old man ever. He told us he lost his wife 5 years ago, and when we told him he could give her a hug again some day he said. Really? I can see her and hold her? He had the biggest smile on his face and you couild see the love he had for his wife in his eyes. I can´t wait to tell him more!

We family i´ve got to go. I love this work, there have been some difficult meetings. It´s crazy how messed up and backwards this world is. Remember to keep the important things in your life first! Seriously It´s amazing how quickly satan can get in there and scramble it all up. I love you and i love sharing my testimony everyday. Thank you for you prayers, i definitly need them!


Hermana Gibbons (here they say hih-bons)

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