Monday, June 7, 2010

MTC Letter #10

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2010 4:44 PM
To: Bonnie Gibbons
Subject: MTC Update

Hey everyone!

Ok so I feel a lot better! I'm still a little light-headed at times and i'm coughing still, but i feel a lot better! I went to the doctor yesterday and he said i am on the right track for recovery! I'll go get another x-ray of my lungs on monday and then they will tell me if i am cleared or not!!!! yeah!

I loved conference! SOOOO awesome! So on saturday i was getting all light-headed just sitting there watching so i went to one of my friends that has some power here to see if there was a place i could rest my head and listen to conference! He got us hooked up! Ha, he put us in there very nice conference room where they have huge leather chairs and a big flat screen tv. I was able to lean back in the chair with my feet up! So nice, it almost felt like i was at home! So for the other 3 sessions, me and my two wonderful companions where able to sit in this awesome room! I loved that conference was on Easter and was all based on families and Jesus Christ! Each talk pertained to a different part of the family! Packer on the priesthood, all fathers should read it! and Like 3 on mothers and daughters! so cool! Here's just a few things that stood out to me...

"Hope does not depend on circumstance, but faith"...we can be in the worst situation ever, but still be happy and have hope for the future if we keep that faith in Jesus Christ and his atonment!

Be an example, people learn by an example, not by what you say "Your actions speak so loudly, that i can't hear what you are saying."

I am so grateful to William Tindale, a man who sacrificed his life for the translation of the Bible into english. He believed everyone should have the chance to read the words of God! So awesome! It made me love the scriptures even more. I love Tindale and Joseph Smith for making it possilbe for me to study the words of the prophets of God.

REACH OUT to others! Be their rescue. Notice when they are having a hard time!

LOVE- True love requires action! Don't just say you love someone show them. Also we need to respect what true love actually is. Love is the grand motive for the Plan of Salvation and the reason Christ went into the garden.

If you have made mistakes, REALIZE this is why Christ laied down his live for us! No matter what you have done, you can come unto him and be forgiven!

"Two men can do ANYTHING, if one of them is the Lord"

I just loved everything there is so much more i would love to share with you! I wish all of you could have heard the words of these amazing men and women. I believe they are already written out on gc., so check it out if you can!

So funny story, there was a mouse in our common room by my bedroom! This sister told me not to scream when it came out and i knew i would be fine, but when it darted out, this other sister just standing there screamed bloody murder and ran faster than that mouse! ha it was so funny! Don't worry they caught it and it can't get in my room...i hope ha!

Also my teacher has been having me learn so sayings they have in latin countries so that i can sound more native. This one is pretty funny. If you want to say I don't have a penny to my name, you say "No tengo donde caerse muerto!" Which means, i don't have a place to die! I don't know, they have some crazy sayings!

Well my time is up, I love you all and i hope you had the best easter ever!

Love Hermana Gibbons

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