Monday, June 7, 2010

Argentina!!! Letter #12

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 11:44 AM
To: Bonnie Gibbons
Subject: AREGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Hey Everyone!

I made it to Argentina! I love it here! Wow it is such a different place but its so awesome! I am in an area called Santa Elena, Dad it is like no bigger than St. Johns and we are about 5 hours from the mission home. We walk everywhere and it is pretty poor. It kinda looks like a green mexico, but it doesn´t have the feel of mexico at all!

So here´s how my trip was getting here. Got on a plane Tuesday morning from Salt lake to Atlanta. Had a three hour lay over in Atlanta and then got on a plane to Argentina, Buenos Aires Airport. I met the coolest girl on the plane, she is from argentina and is very religious. She was really interested in what I was going to be doing for the nest 15 months. I pulled out my Libro de Mormón and she asked all about it. I gave one to her and she started reading right then and there. She gave me her address and said she´d love to have missionaries stop by! She is so awesome! Then Alberto picked me up at the terminal and we had 4 ½ hours until my bus came so he took me on a tour of Buenos Aires. Man people drive like there are no lines in the roads and I don´t understand how their light system works just yet! Ha Buenos Aires is cool and way big. Then I had a 5 hours bus ride to Rosario, and I was to whipped out I fell asleep in 5 min ha! Their chairs turn into beds! Way nice! Met my awesome comp., Hermana Redfern who is basically my long lost twin! I love her and she loves to work. That night we went and taught a part member family! It was so awesome and I even shared a bit in Spanish! Slept and the mission home and took 2 more buses 5 hours to Santa Elena!

Anyways My house is just a cement house, with a front room, kitchen, bathroom, study room and bedroom. We have very little furniture and our shower is a bucket we fill up and then heat up the water with some plug in thing. There is no heat or a/c and the electricity is so bad that it can´t heat up my straightener enough to use. BUT I have never been so happy and so out of place in my life. We get to share the gospel with these ppl who only have beds in their houses. There are so many awesome people here and I wish I could share more but my time is up!

I love you all. Thank you for you love!

Love Hermana Gibbons

Aaron C- sorry bud, I just got all your letters, you´ve been sending them to Argentina. They were awesome and I will write you back soon!

Same with like 5 or 6 other friends and Family! I will get to you soon! Just busy doing the lords work!

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