Monday, June 28, 2010

Argentina - Santa Elena Letter #20

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 7:53 AM
Subject: Oh ya!

Hey Everyone!
I love the work of the Lord! We have met some amazing people in this last week. When you put a little effort and talk to the person walking next to you, miracles happen! We tried to put on an activity this weekend and we wanted it to be really good! We passed out flyers and had the whole ward helping out. We wanted to show the movie Charly(so sad, but way good!), but we needed to make money to rent a projector! So we made Pasta Froula (a type of cake!) and each of the kids were supposed to have one person that was going to buy them! 1st problem, there is no gas, and all the ovens and stoves are operated by gas! Ha so at first we had no place to cook them, luckily we have the church! 2nd problem, the day we did it was a huge thing in the schools for all the kids! So no one showed up to sell them and as missionaries we can´t! ha, but the lord provides and 3 girls showed up and sold almost all of them for us. We were really scared that we wouldn´t have enough money, but we had exactly what we needed! In all seriousness, not a penny (peso) more or less! The lord always provides!
We had a baptism this Saturday, the daughter of Betty and Salustiano, Celina! She is 15 and was so excited! Her little brother Alexi was also going to be baptized, but he came that day and said he would go to church every week if we didn´t make him get baptized. We don´t know what changed because he was so so excited, but all of his family members are in the church and are strong. So with time he´ll understand the importance!
Ok, everyone should read Alma 5! It has some questions that we should all ask ourselves. Are you prepared to meet God? Will you look into his eyes in the final day with joy, or in shame will you hid your eyes? Oh, and what does it mean to have his image in your countenance? I love my savior, and everyday and everytime I testify, I realize how much I need him, how lost we would be without him. Make sure we are giving thanks to him for all he has done! I love you all!
Love Hermana Gibbons

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