Monday, June 7, 2010

MTC Letter #6

From: Amanda Gibbons Sent: Tuesday, March 02, 2010 8:13 AM Subject: Hey all! ok so this was an awesome week! Yesterday i got to teach the lesson of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in just spanish! That meant talking in spanish for 35 min! It was so awesome! ya I couldn't say as much as I wanted to say, but I think I got the point across that God loves us so much and He wants all of us to be able to talk with him! I know that this is the true and everlasting church of Jesus Christ. My teacher was telling me there is a book written by a Catholic man who states that either The catholic church is the correct church or Mormonism is. I thought that was really awesome and I was interested in reading it! I think it's so awesome to hear of others religions and how it brings them closer to Christ. So Sunday Sister Ann Dibbs came and spoke. She is President Monson's daughter (President Monson is the Prophet of God today) i was so cool to her from her and what she had to say about missionary work. oh and before the relief society they play the mormon tabernacle choir and a cute little childrens choir fomr china joined them. i love their accent, the sang for the beauty of the earth, but it was more like "errssh" ha so adorable. everyday is super busy but i feel like i am getting all that i need to do done. there seriously is not enough hours in a day sometimes? i hit my month mark on the 27. i love it. i was saying yesterday how i can't picture my life without a mission in it. i really can't wait to get out there and help my borthers and sisters in argentina. i can't wait to hear there accent and just do all that i can to make their lives better. Se que Jesucristo es mi redentor y mi salvador. Se que Joseph Smith fue un profeta y Presidente Monson es nuestro profeta hoy. Se que soy una hija de a Dios y conoce me personable. Me agrecido por mi familia y por todos los cosas y las personas l trae en mi vida. I love you all. Thank you for your love and support! Love, Hermana Gibbons
Posted by: Bonnie Gibbons
Date: March 3, 2010

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