Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Argentina - Santa Elena Letter #24

To catch you all up on what has been happening...here are the details of what we know...

From: Amanda Gibbons
Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 2010 12:43 PM
To: Bonnie Gibbons
Subject: Re: Hi baby!

Hey mom,
so i think i have a stress fractor or something wrong. i don't know if it is tendon pain or bone, i've gotten cramps in my calf the last 2 nights. My big left toe and the planter part of my foot was really swollen and hurt to touch. Also, i have shin splints, which idk could have caused the pain in my foot. Today it's better, but we have been in the house for 3 days now, so i think its just because i haven't been walking. I'm taking an anti-inflmmatory. I've been trying to keep it elevated and it looks better but there still is a little pain. We are going to the doctor right after we are done here at the cyber. I'll leave some time so that i can return and tell you the results, well i will try, we might have to travel to another town because this place is small. Im here for anothre 30 min! I hope you get this soon so you can ask questions! love you

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