Monday, August 30, 2010

Argentina - Rosario #30

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From: Amanda Gibbons

Date: Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 12:41 PM

Subject: hey hey

Hey all you at home!

Wow so we had some miracles happen here in Rosario and some more crazy experiences! Ha we always got to have those! So first off, I just want to thank you all for your prayers and for your desire to serve God and the people around you! We have some awesome members here that just made our guests feel so welcomed and loved! They both said, it’s so different from any other church they had ever been in! People actually care and you explain the teachings of Christ, you don’t just bash other churches or read from the bible out loud. How blessed we are to have the true church of Christ where we have the oportuinty to learn and grow every week, that we can feel the spirit so strongly just by being with other people who have come to know the truth in their lives as well!

So we are teaching that family still. I’m going to explain the family, Jose is the old guy, the dad of Miriun and Fabian. Miriun is the mom of Ivan and Estephania. Estehpania lives there with her boyfriend, Lisandro and their son Tiego, and they have another one on the way. Ok hope that made since. Anyways, Lisandro told us that he wanted to change and the day we came to teach him the word of wisdom, we found him drunk and Miriun was embarrassed and asked us to come by the next day. Turns out he’s been being stupid like this for some time and Estephania couldn’t handle it so she kicked him out and then she got a little bitter towards us as well. Miriun was still excited to come to church and they still want to learn more about Christ. We went to look for them on Sunday, but none wanted to come, we were really sad and didn’t know what to say. When we walked into sacrament meeting (it’s the last meeting here), we had the biggest surprise, Fabian came, all by himself! It was amazing because he usually doesn’t participate in the lessons, he just sits on the side. But he came!! And he loved it! He said he loved how the songs made him feel!

Also, our cute little lady, Terecita came to church with us this Sunday. She sat with one of the members and told us she really enjoyed her time there! She is reading the book of mormon and finally said a prayer with us! And when she finished, she said, oh I forgot something, can I pray a little bit more? Ha she is so cute, she asked for our safety and that she was grateful that we were teaching her the truth! She knows this is the true church!

I love the work and I love being a missionary! These last two p-days have been pretty darn fun as well, we played basketball last week and today we went by the river and played sand volleyball! So tight! Ha Remember the Lord is always there for you, and he wants to bless you, but we need to continue to work. The hard thing is that he has his own time! But he knows better than us and He will make everything all right! I love you and I love hearing that you are all doing ok! Keep the faith family!

Love Hermana Gibbons

Debbie Fish- I love you tons and I love your family! Just wanted you to know I am still wearing Kyle’s ring and I have his scriptures with me! They remind me of our goal in this life, eternal families! I love you!

Leah Lowe- I’m praying for you and your family! I love you and I am grateful that you were able to help Coy and Becky out! You are awesome!

Steph and Georgie!- Holy cow, your children are adorable! And they are getting sooooooo big! I can’t believe how different they all look! I love the tea party picture and I love that you wore my prom dress! So cute! I love you so much!

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