Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Argentina - Rosario #29

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From: Amanda Gibbons

Date: Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 11:35 AM

Subject: The word from Argentina

Well Hey all you Arizonians, and all the rest not from there...

Anyways, what a week! We were led to talk to this mom and her daughter about a week ago, and we have been able to teach the family 3 times this week! Ok so the lessons have been amazing as well as really tough! Their grandpa likes to talk and so we have one of us talking to him, because he just brings up random issues, while the other teaches Mirium, Estephanie, and Lisandro! They are very awesome and receptive to what we have to share. Mirium told us she feels so much better when we come and talk, she feels more at peace and just wants us to stay for longer. Estephanie and Lisandro said their kid is a lot calmer and that he has now began to eat normal food since we've started talking! I know that the spirit has touched their hearts and we are doing our best to teach them what we can! Lisandro and Esteph came to church with us this Sunday, and their kid was not likening sitting around for too long, but the good thing is that we have a TON of kids in our sacrament, so I know they felt just fine about it! They were so excited and asked when we were going to stop by again! We pray that they will continue to understand and come to know the true church of Christ.

We also are teaching Terecita, she is a 60 year old woman, who is still very sharp and has been listening to the evangelist missionaries for 2 years now. She is really looking for the truth and she is praying and reading. Her dad was baptized over 40 years ago, so she knows a little about the church. She is amazing and oh I just love talking with her!

We had a crazy day! So some lady came up to us and started talking to us in an English accent, she lived in England for 12 years. She asked us if we could help her find a new place to live, because the church had helped her before and she knew we were willing to help. Then she proceeded to tell us that we were a cult and that we were not true disciples of Christ. This poor women has so many false doctrines, I just wanted to help her understand. We were pretty sad that she said that we were not followers of Christ, but told her we would still help her. Then that night (Thursday), we talked to an Atheist who told us we look for people who are down in life or for ppl who just lost a loved one and tell them lies so that we can take advantage of them! Oh I was so shocked, I just want people to understand, if only they would listen for 5 min with an open heart, they would feel that we just want to bring them happiness. Then the next house, at the buzzer thing, this guy had the freakiest voice ever, like lord voldomort (from Harry Potter), so we decided to leave the street, but before we got to the end of it, a man ran up to us. Started yelling at us and telling us to shut up, and he grabbed Hna Dunfords bag, jumped on the bike with his friend and drove away!! Ya I was pretty shaken up after, but it happened so fast I didn`t have time to react until after. I'm still kinda jumpy at night just when anyone passes by! But we weren't hurt, they just took some of our stuff! I know that God helped me not react, because I could've made that situation worse.

I still love the mission, I just have my eyes open more and I’m praying for guidance to know which streets are ok and which ones are not! I know that the Lord has a great work here and Satan is trying to disrupt it in any way he can!! I know that God has angels watching over us and He has more power than the devil. I love that I get to share this message with the people here who are scared to leave their houses at night! I know that God loves us and he will make everything all right in the end! Keep praying that you will be lead into the right places in your life, that you will never be taken down by the other side! Try to recognize when the little things in life start to pull you down, push those things away and do what is right! I love you all! Keep the Faith.

Love Hermana Gibbons

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