Thursday, June 2, 2011

Argentina - Entre Rios #57

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Date: Tue, May 24, 2011 at 10:39 AM
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Hey all you back home,
   Wow can I tell you this has been a great week.  On Sunday, I was asked to teach the Gospel principles class because the teacher wasn't there.  The topic was on faith in Jesus Christ.  We started off naming other words for faith (to believe, to have confidence in something...) and then it somehow turned to the temple, and how that is our goal.  Daiana and Dario (the coolest couple ever) were there and were asking a ton of questions.  We have been teaching them for about 3 or 4 months, and they love everything about the gospel, they just need to get married.  I just felt prompted to ask the whole class about the temple and what blessing we can receive from them.  Dario said that we do all things because we have faith, without faith, or Christ, there is no what we are doing or to life.  I then asked him to give the closing prayer, but he said I have an announcement first.
     "We are going to be baptized, 2nd of July!!!"  
  They are soooooo excited and they are telling everyone, today they are going to set their date with the Judge to be married (they are shooting for the 26th of June).  Daiana was really scared before and about a week ago I left them with a written invitation to their own baptism, I put the date for the 2nd of July and she kinda freaked out...but with this picture of Christ and the wonderful things that they have felt from the gospel and the things they've learned, they prayed together and they want nothing more than to be baptized!!!!!!!  Oh my gosh, I wanted to scream and jump around and just show them how much God loves them and is excited for their decision.
  I love them with all my heart and I know that God blessed me to be here with them.  They are 21 and 22 years old, and they have one kid, Thiago and hopefully one more on the way.  They have embraced the gospel and they are going to be great examples for their family!
  Yesterday, we had a FHE (family home evening) in a members house with them.  Dario said, in his neighborhood he always saw 2 young men walking around, they never stopped by his house, but they were always there.  He and his friends would make fun of them, yell things at them, some of his friends even went so far as to spit on them and rob them of their cell phone.  He teared up a bit and said, if I had known that the message they shared was so beautiful, I would have gone running to them and begging them to forgive me and teach me.
  Then Daiana said, when the sisters first came over, they were teaching my mother-in-law and she would let us know they were coming, so we would either leave or go hide.  One day we just sat and listened and after they left we just felt peaceful, but we didn't really understand why.  They came back again and taught us some more.  Once again we were filled with this peace...we talked together and both agreed, its them, they are bringing this into our lives.  From then on, we kept asking...when are you guys coming back???
  I know that each one of you has a testimony of the gospel and through your example you can touch the hearts of others.  For those of you who have not heard the message that The Church of Jesus Christ offers, please go to the nearest church, email my mom or look for the kids the ride around in suits and a black tag, you will never regret your decision to listen.  I love that I know that families can be together forever, that Christ heals all types of pains and afflictions and with this knowledge, we can overcome anything and do it with joy!
  I love you all!!!!

“Es duro fracasar en algo, pero es mucho peor no haberlo intentado.”
"It’s hard to fail in something, but it’s much worse to have not tried"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Con amor,
  Hermana Gibbons

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