Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Argentina - Entre Rios #48

From Amanda Gibbons
To Bonnie Gibbons
Date Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 9:33 AM
Subject los demas!

Hey everyone,
Awesome, crazy week, I am so baffled that it is already March!  Can someone put a stop to time for a second! Oh ya, transfers!  I get to stay!!!!!  Nothing changes for me!!!!! I am so happy!  I get to see the baptisms we have worked for!  This weekend, Valeria is getting baptized! She is an amazing women, 19, married, with a little terror girl, Milagros (go figure), but she contacted us, she asked us how she could become a member and now she has stopped smoking cold turkey.  She has already seen changes in her life, with her husband, and he is now starting to have interest.  I'm sure he'll be listening really soon.  I love her, what an example of someone who wants to follow Christ and just do all they are supposed to! She is super stoked and I just can't wait! 

We are teaching Hector, he is 11 years old and just comes to church all alone and he lives on the other side of town.  He wants to be baptized with all of his heart!  I am teaching a Jehovah’s Witness right now...and I need help...    How do we know that Jehovah is Christ???????????? (Bible scriptures would be amazing!!!)

Ok Friends, remember that God loves you and man he just wants us happy!  People change when they feel that love.  Don't be afraid to share the gospel with anyone!  I am so, so glad that we have a prophet of the Lord, because without them, we are a little lost.  Trying to figure out what we should do, what God wants of us...what a blessing to have someone who talks face to face with God, our Heavenly Father.  I just got slapped in the face in the lesson on Sunday.  They asked us what the prophet had last counseled us.  And I replied with what he taught in conference!  ya no!!! He talks to us every month in the Liahona!!!! Oh yeah, I guess in English that’s the Ensign.  Keep reading those words, they are here for us.  I love you all.   Keep the faith! Oh ya, Give an ensign as a gift to your neighbor...go ahead you know you want to!!!


Con amor,
  Hermana Gibbons

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