Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Argentina - Entre Rios #47

Hma Gibbons y Hmo Cowley (from our Stake)

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From: Amanda Gibbons
Date: Mon, Feb 14, 2011
Subject: HAPPY Valentine’s DAY


Time just flies by! So we had a pretty awesome week! We had Zone Conference this last Friday and it was so perfect! They talked about everything that I had just realized I need to work on! It was so good! I left with that feeling, like after General Conference, so good and spiritually uplifted, but also a little sad, knowing I can be better! But here we go! ¡Vamos arriba! That’s why we have repentance right!!?? I love working out here, ya, so it’s hot, I’ve gained a few pounds, the mosquitoes love my blood, I don’t have a/c, my boyfriend left me for another girl and didn't have the guts to tell me, people yell at me about the world being horrible, I see 13 year old girls with babies....but I feel an outpouring of love from my father in heaven. I know, without a doubt, no matter what happens, I can be happy, I can have hope and joy!!! ...Because my savior suffered, more than I could or ever will suffer. It’s like what is says in D&C 122:8, the son of man has descended below them all. Art thou greater than he? ....I love my savior and I am so grateful for him. In the midst of all this turmoil, there is a light.

Just like yesterday, we came to a house and taught a family gathering of about 8, the lesson of the Restoration. It was so cool, they had a ton of questions about where is the truth, where is Christ’s church, and why does there have to be so much confusion. I told them they don't have to be confused, that I had the answer for them. God loves us so much, he called a prophet to help bring the gospel back to the earth. I recited to them the first vision and the look in their eyes changed, it was that of...hope...wonder and I guess peace... They told me after that (when he answered the door) he came to … just to tell me to leave, but then he felt he should let me in. We apparently, not only changed his view on "Mormons", but on North Americans as well...this family then invited us to come back for dinner this week! Pray that they will accept the gospel and bless the lives of their children.

I know God has a reason for everything, this family, one of the women (Gretel) listened to missionaries 20 years ago, but said she didn't feel anything with those boys...but she told me she felt joy, felt like she could have more in her life. I don't know what’s going to happen with them, but I know God has me here, with my loudness and big laugh to help others feel that love. I know that I am not perfect, but that’s why God makes up for the rest, the part where I fall short!! Remember He is always there to pull you back up, you just have to accept his help! I love you all, Keep the faith!

Con amor,

Hermana Gibbons

Hermanas Gibbons y Mitchell y Suiti y Garcia
CHRIS AND CHARLEE DOXSEY...wow happy anniversary, one year!! I love it! But hey, I want to see some little Doxsey running around when I get home!! I hope that you are both doing well. I miss you tons. Remember my family is your family and we are here to help you with whatever (well you can go to my mom for now...hehe)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMMY! Hey brother!! Yeah! One more year! I love you so much!!! Next year we will celebrate together! Go out and do something crazy!! I hope you are enjoying being back in AZ!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIANNA AND CRISTIAN! You guys are getting so big! I love you! Smooches!

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