Monday, March 28, 2011

Argentina - Entre Rios #50

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From: Amanda Gibbons
Date: Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 1:30 PM
Subject: todos!
To: Bonnie Gibbons
Hey everyone,
  Wow, what an amazing and crazy week!  I went to a capacitaciĆ³n or a (training) meeting of liders (leaders) in the misiĆ³n!  It was way awesome! I learned so much about how I can improve my teaching skills and how to trust in the lord!  I have been trying to apply them as I teach and meet new people!  One thing that I didn’t have problems with before, but now I do, was talk a lot and not teach very simply!  I have been trying to shut my mouth and listen to the spirit!  It’s really hard, but I know it is possible!  Basically, they said we need to take a second, let God give us a question that will help us understand what they need.  Which means, let there be silence.  I do not do good with that.  But then they said something that hit me really hard.  When I let there be a silence and allow the spirit to talk to my heart and mind, I show God that I trust him, that I trust in the spirit!  Man, what a change in the lessons we’ve had.  I can feel the spirit and the words of the scriptures just testify.  It allows for them to figure it out for themselves before I tell them what it means. 
   Azucena and Agustin (son and mother) got baptized this last Saturday!  They are so amazing!  Azucena Works a lot and still doesn’t always have what she needs, but she absolutely loves the Lord and wants to follow him!  She has been working Sundays to get more Money, but we taught her what it means to the Lord when we take a Day to remember him, and to serve others.  The next day she told her boss that she will no longer work Sundays.  She is very firm in it and I love her!  Such a great example.
   I love my companion.  She is so awesome, she is pretty sick right now and has no desire to stay in the house, but she def can’t go out!  So today we only left to tell them family we are ok and to eat lunch in the park!  It’s starting to get a little cooler here and I love it!  I love everything about this place. Its weird to think that soon, this will only be a memory, but as of right now, I just keep thinking about the now and who I can help!  I love you all, remember the Lord is only obligated to bless us, when we do what we promised we would!  I love you all!  Keep the faith!

Con amor,
  Hermana Gibbons

REDFERN I hope you know how much I love you!!! Keep working hard and keep being the example to everyone, just like you always were and are to me!  Keep the faith "Madre"!!!

Rachel Norton, Can I tell you how much I love you!! It’s so good to hear that you are doing well and I can't believe you are almost done with school!!!  Keep it up and you can then help me when I need to study!  Ha!  TE QUIERO!

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