Friday, October 22, 2010

Argentina - Pergamino, Centenario #36

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Date: Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 9:16 AM
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Hey hey all you wonderful people!
So what can i say, i had a crazy week! We have an amazing investigator, Mabel. She is searching and reading the Book of Mormon like crazy! She wants to know the truth and she is doing what she needs to to gain it! She still needs to come to church and to get married, but she already told us that she knows the the church of Jesus Christ is the only church that has all of the truth! WOW, i love her and her niece, Angeles has been listening too, i asked her if she would like her own Book of Mormon to read, and she almost burst into tears as she accepted it lovingly and said Thank you while hugging it close to her chest. It was the most beautiful reaction i have seen to someone receiving this book of great value. I think as members, we forget how precious it is! It is a book that has been in our house, for some of us, all of our lives. But really , truly it is our guide,our source of comfort, hope, and love. Really, it has all of the answers, we just have to open the pages as well as our hearts and the words will flow into our minds and we will be able to act in the way we should. We will be able to see life more clearly and man life will just be a happy and enjoyable experience!
So we had a Talent Night in the church, some people sang (Mabel our investigator sang beautifully!!), played the guitar and one kid sang in English (the Justin Beiber song, oh baby??) So we as missionaries didn't have much time to plan, so we threw on an EFY pop song and lip-cynced and danced to it! Ha i felt so out of place, but i just had fun with it! Afterwards everyone told me they loved it and they were all going to send the video to the mission president! haha. It was a beautiful night, who knew that ward activities could be so much fun!
I love you all and wow i have a testimony of prayer. I know that god hears and answers them. I know that God loves us and wants to not only hear the desire of our hearts, but he wants to bless us with these things as well. I have come to love Enos, i think it is my favorite book in the whole Book of Mormon. Read it this week, but really dig into it and you will see how much it applies to your life. How much it can help you live better and happier!
I love you all, Keep the faith!
Until next week...

Con amor,
Hermana Gibbons

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Bonnie L. Gibbons, BSN, RN
Gateway Community College Clinical Instructor

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