Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Argentina - Pergamino, Centenario #34

From: Amanda Gibbons

Date: Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 7:56 AM

Subject: Hey Hey!!

To: Bonnie Gibbons

So...what can i say. The weather here is crazy! I never know what to wear, the day will start out with sun and halfway through its raining and freezing or visa versa! But hey, that's the mission for ya! It's kinda like a game everyday to see if we are prepared or not, or over prepared! Ha. Well this ward has a ton of less-active members, like over 200, so we have got a lot of work cut out for us. We actually found a member knocking doors. There is no information on her here, but we went into her house and started talking. We had no idea she was a member until she showed us a picture of her sons wedding in front of the Buenos Aries temple! Ha, so we started to ask her question and she stopped going to church because one of the members told her she reads really slow and sloppy! Poor girl only went to school up until 3rd grade. Well she hadn't been to church in a good 20 years, so we basically had to reteach her everything, even how to pray. She was really excited we came and invited us to come back! I hope we can help her remember her covenant she made with God and that she will be able to be sealed to her children!

We also started teaching this young boy, 17, named Gaston. He is amazing!! Seriously, he lives in a crazy house where his mom just tells everyone basically that they are dirt. He has read everything we and the elders have given him and he prays like he has done it his whole life! The last lesson we taught, the house was crazy, kids running around, music, mom yelling, phone ringing and I had a coughing attack, but he was so engrossed in what we were saying, it was like we were the only 3 people in the room! He is searching for the true and wants to know for himself if its true. We asked him if he wants to be baptized and he said NO, i need to go to church and pray with more faith before i can say yes for sure! He's taking this very seriously and i love it! He didn't come to church this Sunday. Bishop went to go get him, but no one answered the door. If you could put his name in your prayers or the temple that would be amazing (Gaston Aguirre).

Also, Sergio, this amazing man who is still waiting on his divorcement papers. He really acts like he has been a member all his life. The lesson this Sunday was on keeping the sabbath day holy. I asked him what he likes to do with his family and he said a few things they do and then he said, i really need to organize my week, so that i can actually keep the sabbath day the way the Lord wants me to. He said he was going to start trying to do things other days of the week or plan his Saturdays better! Wow, that's something that I have never done before in my life, organize my Saturday to dedicate all my time to the Lord on Sundays! He also shared the most awesome analogy. He is an Electric Engineer, or the guys that work with computers and smaller equipment. He said i love how computers are like the gospel. They look cool from the outside and we can see that they work. But once you actually put one together and understand how it works, it becomes something beautiful and meaningful in your life! When we apply the gospel into our lives we can see the beauty and the joy that comes from it, and the suffering and pain when we don't do what right or we don't clean out the viruses.

I am trying to be a better missionary. In Jacob 4:12

And now, beloved, marvel not that I tell you these things; for why not speak of the atonement of Christ,

and attain to a perfect knowledge of him, as to attain to the knowledge of a resurrection and the world to come?

We should always talk about Christ and his gospel. You will be amazed at how you can apply it to EVERY aspect of your life. If you do this you will receive the blessing in this scripture, obtain a perfect knowledge of things! To better understand your purpose here and what God has in store for you! I love you all and thank you for your support and your prayers! They are heard and are helping! Have a great week, Keep the Faith.

Love Hermana Gibbons

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