Saturday, September 25, 2010

Argentina - Pergamino, Centenario #33

From: Amanda Gibbons

Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2010 14:36:23 -0300

Subject: Pergamino, Centenario

Hey Family!

Wow I never realizad how much I love not being in a city! Haha, ok so I did love the people in Rosario. Our bishop was so young and so willing and excited to work! I also loved our Mission Leader, Nefi. He was always there to help us and took care of us whenever anything happened! Fabian Lopez got baptized on Saturday and the Elders said he was super excited and his whole family came! I was really worried because to be baptized is a big change in someones life and to just have two new people you’ve never met come and help you with the rest would be a little scary. But that’s why I love the Holy Ghost. It doesn’t matter if i was there or not, Fabian felt the spirit and knows without a doubt that this is the correct thing to do. He can hear the message from a different mouth, and still feel the love of the Savior for him. I am so grateful I had the oppourtunity to meet him. I am trying to send a picture of him right now. Hopefully it works!

So first off…I LOVE PERGAMINO! It is so beautiful. Its not nearly as small as Santa Elena, but there are still a ton of fields and there are no building taller than 2 stories. The people are really welcoming and loving. Our first lunch was with the family Carrasco, and alter 2min in their house, i felt like I was sitting across one of my uncles making fun of me! I loved being in their home, feeling the comforting effects of the spirit! Our ward consists of like 200 people, but we have about 30 people that actually come every Sunday. It’s small, but all of the memebers are so willing to help us. Our Bishop was married 1 ½ ago and was called to be bishop 6 months ago. Apparently we had no leadership in this ward for a while until about 2 months ago. Bishop has no counselors, but wants to do all he can to help his ward. He has so many visions and goals, I am so excited to be a part of this work!

There is an investigador here named Sergio and I think I got more of the lesson then he did. He already is a wonder with the scriptures and he just has the grand Desire to learn more and to help everyone else in the process. He wants to get baptized, but he needs to relieve the papers from his divorce still. There are some problems with them, but he is working with one of the area 70’s to get it all worked out. Please pray that they will be able to work this out. He is going to be a stong leader in the church someday, i can’t wait to see what he will do for this ward.

Our appartment here is really huge! Its two stories and we put all the beds upstairs so the four of us sleep in the same room. The owner of the apartment lives right next to us and she’s really sweet and a little crazy. She is really excited we are girls, so we can be the daughters she never had. She too is listening to the lessons. I love this work, its pretty hard to start in an area where neither of us know where to go or who has been listening, but we are putting our trust in the lord and just go out and work! I love bearing my testimony at every min. that I can. I feel that the lord has given me strength to be a stronger teacher, or at least I am better at telling people that they are wrong, in a loving way J If anything I have learned is that we need to fulfill what God has called us to do, even if we have no idea how to go about doing it. Jacob 1:18-19, talks about how we need to be sure do all we can, or we will have the sin of those we were supposed to help, placed upon our backs!! Ah, i sure don’t want that! I pray that the Lord guides you in all that you do and that you are asking him to give you direction. The only thing we got to do is ask, LISTEN, and do…

I love you all and pray you are safe. Keep the Faith.

Love Hermana Gibbons

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