Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Argentina - Entre Rios #43

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From: Amanda Gibbons

Ha-Ha!  I get it!!!  "Attention Machines at Work"!

Date: Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 7:49 AM
Subject: Transfers!
To: Bonnie Gibbons
Hey everyone!!!
   So ya, it is transfer week and surprise, surprise...I am once again packing up and moving!!!  I think I might be a little too crazy to be kept in one area for too long or something!  I am both sad and excited!  Sad because we have soooo many people here who are progressing and we have a baptism this weekend that I won't get to see!  But the most important thing is she is getting baptized!  Oh man, she is a daughter of a less active family and it was a MIRACLE that they came to church this week.  Hermana Hansen has been inviting them to come for 3 months and they finally came!!! Oh it was soooo good to see them there!  They are really an awesome family and they have big desires to serve God, they just need to get their booties back in church!!  Ha, Milagros is 9 years old and so excited for her baptism!  We had another miracle this week!  So here, when someone moves, it’s almost impossible to find them again!!  People give you directions like...They live over there next to the supermarket...or in the other neighborhood... most people don't have phones either, but Christian came back home and he is doing so good!!!!!!!  He is a miracle all in itself, he has a lot of problems with drugs and in his family, but he is working through them and going strong! So many wonderful things happened this week!  Carlos Aguirre was baptized by his younger brother.  It was so perfect, a whole family of converts, changing, growing and trying to be better!  Carlos is a very intelligent kid who knows that God exists and that God will bless him if he keeps his commandments and helps others!  He has no fear to share with others that he is a member and that he has made the greatest decision of his life!!!  
  Also, Fernando, the guy who was baptized just before Christmas, wow, can you say spiritual GIANT!!  He goes out, drinks his matè with his friends and shares scriptures, stories from the Liahona (a magazine put out by the church, like the Ensign) and introduces us, the missionaries to all of them! He knows that this gospel is what changes lives, what saves lives and for that reason, he wants all of his friends to have it as well!
  Ok so I am off to Rafaela and my comps name is Hermana Mitchell.  I will be senior companion, and I will be doing a whitewash!!!!!!  I am a little nervous, but I’ll just do what I can!  Work and trust in the Lord.  Pray for me! First that I can pack again (man I hate packing) and then that I will be an instrument in God’s hands! I love you all, keep going strong and have you read this month’s ensign???  There is a talk in there by Elder Oaks that he gave to students at Harvard! http://lds.org/ensign/2011/01/fundamental-to-our-faith?lang=eng    Way good!  You should read it...ok all my friends!  Look for ways to help others, and be open to hear the promptings of spirit, he is always trying to talk to you!  Keep the faith!

Con amor,
  Hermana Gibbons

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